How to clean Mary Jane shoes (Best method REVEALED!)

Having clean shoes is not only good for your hygiene but also your reputation, happiness and fashion sense. 

Cleaning a Mary Jane shoes is problematic for most people who have no idea how,  when and what to clean them with so that the shoe will appear clean, crisp and maintain their original colours without fading. 

This article will look into the issue of how to clean Mary Jane shoes the right way and what things you should avoid if you don’t want to damage your precious shoes. 

How to clean Mary Janes shoes? 

Cleaning Mary Jane shoes depends on the type you have or one you want to buy for you or your loved ones.

This is because to clean a Mary Jane shoe, you have to take into consideration the materials used in production, sensitivity to water or wet products, right combinations of materials to use in other not to end up causing damage to your expensive Mary Jane shoes unknowingly. 

 Let us explore how you can clean your  Mary Jane shoes the right way by discussing methods of each type which will help in maintaining the quality,  durability and style of the shoe. 

For Mary Jane flats: 

The process of cleaning them is as follows: 

  1. Pick the shoe you want to clean. 
  2. Remove the inner sole if it has one. 
  3. Get a bowl of water. 
  4. Mix the water with mild detergents or washing agents which can be found in shopping malls, footwear stores or even online on Amazon
  5. Get a clean rag or towel. 
  6. Sock the rag into the mixture and clean the first areas with the visible speck of dirt on the shoe. 
  7. Clean the shoe entirely by dipping the rag into the mixture and applying it to the shoe till the shoe becomes clean. 
  8. Dry the shoes in a shade away from heat and direct Sunlight. 

For Mary Jane Vegan shoes. 

For Mary Jane vegan shoes like the Rothy’s, the following is the right method to use in cleaning your shoes.

However, you should not mistake cleaning for washing the shoe because the former is mild while the latter is comprehensive. 

  1. Check the area with the visible presence of dirt. 
  2. Conduct the initial cleaning with a dry towel or rag. 
  3. Check if the inner part of the shoe is smelling. 
  4. Remove the insole and keep it aside. 
  5. Use shoe cleaner or water with a mild dosage of detergents and clean the shoe repeatedly until you are satisfied with the outcome. 
  6. Avoid using water like that of the actual washing method. 
  7. Dry them away from sunlight by wearing the insole away from the shoe to get the desired result. 

Moreover,  Mary Jane vegan shoes must be cleaned carefully to avoid situations which can damage your shoe and leave you hopeless of solutions. 

For all other Mary Jane shoes. 

The process of cleaning them requires less amount of water and also involved the use of a clean rag, towel, shoe cleanser, and any other washing agent that can help make the cleaning activity easier, more active and effective. 

For some Mary Jane shoes,  cleaning them must involve the use of polish of the shoe as well as applying the necessary products to simplify the process. 

General clean-up tips. 

Here is a general cleaning tip for your shoes.

To clean your shoe instead of washing them like we just explained above using Mary Jane shoes in a case study,  a cleaner shoe can give you all the leverage,  confidence and self-esteem you need to stand out among the crowd. 

To clean your shoe,  you must do the following activities; 

  1. Identify the type of shoes you want to clean. Is the shoe a suede, pump, sneakers, high heels or Mary Jane?  Doing this will help you in identifying what type of equipment you are going to need in other to have thoroughly clean shoes. 
  2. Get the right materials needed for the cleaning job. 
  3. Remove the insoles and clean them separately till you get rid of the foul smell. 
  4. Identify spots that have more specks of dirt and are visible from a distance. 
  5. Clean the first spots and clean them first. 
  6. Look for areas that have fewer concentrations of specks of dirt and clean them too. 
  7. Conduct a thorough cleaning of the shoe without getting the shoe completely drenched with water. 
  8. Make sure that the materials you are using are clean. 
  9. Dry them in a cool shade away from direct sunlight, close contact with fire or extreme heat. 
  10. Apply a polisher or cleaning materials that will help in keeping the shoe brighter, better and cleaner.

What do you need to clean Mary Jane shoes? 

Cleaning Mary Jane shoes will require you to get the following materials first. 

  1. Clean water. 
  2. Detergents or any recommended cleaning agent. 
  3. Clean rag or towel. 
  4. Brush for cleaning shoes. 
  5. Any other material needed for effective cleaning of a specific shoe. 

When to clean Mary Jane shoes? 

Cleaning shoes very late or too much cleaning of Mary Jane shoes can have a negative impact on the quality, lasting and reliability of your shoe.

The most appropriate period for you to clean a Mary Jane shoe is when the shoe is mildly dirty or when you start perceiving a small amount of smell oozing out of the shoe.

However,  if the shoe becomes dirtier than one fit for just cleaning, then you must ensure to wash the shoe completely either in a washing machine or manually with your hand. 


Cleaning Mary Jane shoes is not difficult if you know how to do it properly without causing damage to the shoe.

You can effectively clean Mary Jane shoes based on the type and materials used in the production of the shoe. Washing Mary Jane Vegan shoes is different from washing Mary Jane pumps or ballerina flats

Getting a clean bowl of water,  a rag or towel, mild detergent or other shoe cleaning ointment, cleaning aids such as brush, polishing materials and a good place to dry it away from sunlight will help you get your shoes very clean. 


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