Can you wear Mary Jane shoes without socks? (7 tips and tricks)

Socks are integral parts of fashion. Some People wear their shoes with clothes while others don’t.

Reasons for this matter vary from one individual to another. For some, the shoes are incompatible with socks while in others the style will not fit properly without socks.

This article aims to explain vividly whether you can wear Mary Shane shoes without socks and it will not look like a fashion disaster.

Can you wear Mary Jane shoes without socks? C

Yes! You can wear your Mary Jane shoes without socks and it will be perfectly okay and look fashionable to lots of people. 

Some Mary Jane shoes will appear more appealing, stylish and comfortable if you wear them without socks.

Although wearing socks has its advantages, not wearing one, especially with Mary Jane shoes is not a fashion blunder.

Rather, it will be unique, rare and exquisite for the owner and pleasant to other people.

Why you should wear Mary Jane without socks.

There are several reasons why you should wear Mary Janes without socks. These reasons are;

  • Easy to put on and off.
  • Make your feet look stunning.
  • Allow air to caress your skin.
  • Helps you get rid of sweat.
  • Helps in preventing odour from your shoes.
  • Saves you the cost of buying socks.
  • Reduced the time for you to dress.

Easy to put on and off.

It is to put on your shoes when you have no socks and also easy to remove them without socks.

You will have free and direct access to your leg and it can take you only less than a minute to pull it off.

Make your feet look stunning.

Wearing your Mary Janes without socks will help in displaying the beauty of your feet and give you the chance to appreciate the stunning beauty of your legs while giving your feet the ability to have access to sunlight which will help if done in moderation.

Helps you get rid of sweat.

Wearing Mary Janes helps you in getting rid of sweat that can get into your shoes and start emitting a foul shoe smell that makes it unbearable to the owner.

Putting on socks helps in heating your feet and which naturally leads to the creation of sweat.

The socks also trapped those sweat within the socks and the shoe which if left for a long time will make your feet uncomfortable and generate an avenue of Mary Jane shoes smelling especially if the shoe is made of recycled materials.

Saves you the cost of buying socks.

Buying socks to use with your Mary Jane shoes costs you some money that can be used for other purposes.

If you want to buy very good quality shoes, you will need to spend some money even if not much.

Wearing Mary Janes without socks, therefore ensure that you are financially prudent, channelling the money to other aspects requiring your attention.

Reduced the time for you to dress.

Sometimes we want to get dressed and be on our way out as soon as possible or else we will be late to the office, lecture theatre,

What socks go well with Mary Jane’s shoes?

  • Jazzy Toes Mommy & Me Mary Janes Socks
  • Knee-high socks (particularly those with ruffle tops)
  • Footie socks
  • Comme si The Ives Ruffled Socks.
  • Nike Everyday Plus Cushion Training No-Show Socks (3 Pairs).
  • Uniqlo.
  • Sézane Set of Two Pairs of Socks
  • Simon rocher socks
  • Brother Vellies cloud socks.
  • HUE Cool Contours Low-Cut Liner Socks

What socks you should wear with Dr martens.?

The socks you should wear with Dr Martens are still suitable for Mary Jane shoes of any brand.

Although socks preference differs from person to person, telling you the one you should use will be a waste of time because it may not necessarily meet your taste. 

However, you can choose any of the above-mentioned socks suitable for Mary Janes because they can serve the same purpose as your Dr Martens.

Do kids wear socks with Mary Jane shoes?

Yes, kids wear socks with Mary Jane shoes to help them meet school requirements, prevent them from direct dirt on their toes and make the Mary Jane shoe look more beautiful and stylish.

Can you wear normal socks with Dr martens?

You can wear normal socks with Dr Martens as long as you feel that the socks meet your need and satisfy the purpose of wearing one. If not, you should get a specified one that can get you your wish.

The issue with wearing normal socks on Dr Martens is that the normal socks may either likely be short or that the shoe may not meet the fashion trends need of the intended user.


As the fashion trends demand, you can wear Mary Jane shoes without socks and still appear elegant, beautiful, charming and stylish without putting extra pressure on yourself to do more than necessary.

Moreover, wearing socks on Mary Jane’s shoes is never a compulsory requirement for individuals. Socks have certain benefits and attendant consequences likewise not wearing one also has its own.




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