Do Mary Jane shoes smell? (EXPOSED!)

Most of us have had bad experiences with smelling shoes in our closets one way or another. The terrible experience will make you unhappy and desperate for solutions that will help you solve the problem in other to keep your precious shoes away from oozing that nasty odour. 

This article offered comprehensive explanations of whether Mary Jane shoes smell, why they do and how to solve the problem using simple methods.

Do Mary Jane shoes smell? 

Mary Jane shoes have a problem of emitting nasty smells, especially those that are vegan or made from synthetic leather and when you use them without socks or inside water.

This issue of smell from Mary Jane shoes has been here for some years now although several improvements have been made to remedy the problem for some time now.

Although almost all shoes can smell badly when subjected to certain conditions, our priority is on how only Mary Jane and provide you with the necessary information that will prevent your own from that unpleasant experience.

However, it is not all Mary Jane shoes that have the smelling issues, the most notable to this smell problem. Mary Jane vegan shoes, those made from synthetic materials and the fake Mary Jane shoes that are massively damaging the credibility of Mary Jane brands.

Let’s examine the reason why they smell and how we can solve it easily.

  • Stinky without socks especially vegans.
  • The odour from the synthetic materials.
  • It takes long before the smell can go away.
  • Rubbery smell that won’t dissipate.

Why do Mary Jane shoes smell?

Mary Jane shoes smell can be attributed to several factors which are categorized as follows;

  • Made of non-breathable materials.
  • Sweats generated by feats make it cramps and wet.
  • Not washing it the right way.
  • Rubber attachments.
  • When they are wet.
  • Frequency of wearing it.

Made of non-breathable materials.

Most of Mary Jane shoes smelling problems come from the making of the shoe itself.

Those Mary Jane shoes that are made from materials that allow zero access to air from getting in and out of the shoe will have to contend with smelling issues naturally.

Just like our bodies that need oxygen and emit carbon dioxide for us to survive, shoes also need to be produced in a way that they can literally breathe in air and push it out simultaneously which will prevent the shoe from emitting a bad odour.

Some Mary Jane shoes are made with non-breathable materials which is the major cause of the nasty smell that gives Mary Jane shoes a bad name in the market.

Sweats generated by feats make it cramps and wet.

Another factor causing Mary Jane shoes to smell is the sweat from the legs of people using it which leads to the insoles getting wet and resulting in the creation of the smelling problem that we are complaining about.

Our legs have more sweat than many parts of our bodies, so when it comes to releasing such sweets which are triggered either by heat or through wearing very tight shoes, the results are always not funny.

Not washing it the right way.

Washing Mary Jane shoes in a washing machine or manually with your hands requires some skills and tips that will help to make it better and failure to observe and abide by them will make your shoe become the exact opposite and start smelling badly as against your wish.

Many people are washing Mary Jane shoes in the wrong which is helping in the introduction of the nasty smell that we all are trying to avoid experiencing from any of our shoes.

Rubbery attachments.

Another factor that leads to the smell in Mary Jane shoes is the rubbery attachments found in some manufacturers creates and are embedded into the shoes.

These rubbery attachments are prone to this type of smell when they are subjected to certain conditions that may not be obvious to a Mary Jane shoe owner.

When they are wet.

Getting your shoe wet is also a big contributor towards making them smell.

If you keep your shoes wet and you end up not drying them in the right way, your Mary Jane shoes will start smelling badly which is naturally the same with other shoe types in the footwear industry.

Your Mary Jane shoes or that of your kids can get wet as a result of several factors such as rain, water dropping on them accidentally, washing them in a washing machine without proper drying, children playing in the mud or throwing them inside a swimming pool etcetera.

Frequency of wearing it.

Wearing Mary Jane shoes frequently can also result in the smell problem you have been experiencing.

The frequency of wearing a shoe matters in its durability and maintenance of it.

A person wearing Mary Jane shoes once a week will not have the same experience as another using them every day and trekking for a long distance with them.

Some people have only one or a few pairs of shoes while others have several in their shoe racks and closets.

The availability of options will determine the frequency of using the shoes although it is not always the case because people naturally wear their favourite shoes even if they have other options to choose from. 

How to solve the problem of smelling Mary Jane shoes?

The following methods will help you address the issues of nasty smells from Mary Jane shoes and give you a better experience than what you currently have.

  • Wiping the miles down
  • Airing the shoes outside.
  • Washing them properly.
  • Wearing it with socks.
  • Don’t wear it in hot weather.
  • Apply shoe freshener.
  • Apply baking powder.
  • Increase your foot hygiene.
  • Avoid shoes or socks while at home.

Wiping the miles down.

To prevent your Mary Jane shoes from smelling badly, you can reduce the frequency and mileage you are covering with the shoes to the barest minimum.

Wiping the miles down simply means that if you are using one Mary Jane shoe for your walks, and long trekking you should either get another pair to be using interchangeably or you should stop using it for an extended period which will give the shoe a chance to dry and remove the smell properly.

Airing the shoes outside.

Another factor helping significantly in reducing or total eradication of smells from Mary Jane shoes is to air the shoe out in the open but preferably away from direct sunlight.

This will help in removing the smell effectively without spending your money on it and it will be carried out with minimal risks to both you and the shoe itself.

Washing them properly.

Washing your Mary Jane shoes the right is the most effective means of getting rid of the smell in your shoes.

Each shoe has a specific way of washing it designed by the manufacturer as a guide.

However, if you failed to wash your Mary Jane shoes correctly, it may end up adding more foul smell than removing it.

To get rid of the foul smell, you must thoroughly wash the shoes and allow them to dry perfectly.

Wearing it with socks.

Wearing your shoes with socks will help in reducing the impact of the smell drastically.

Socks in a shoe are like shock absolvers to a car, it reduces the friction between your leg and the shoe and prevents sweat that will cause the shoe to start emitting a foul smell which will make you uncomfortable.

To avoid this, get a good and comfortable sock and start using it with your shoes.

However, not every sock can fit into every shoe, you must get a stylish and comfy one that will enhance your fashion.

Don’t wear it in hot weather.

Wearing shoes in very hot weather is the mother reason why you are constantly battling with shoe odours.

Hot weather has an impact because it will make not only your feet sweat but also the rest of your body as well.

You can avoid any Mary Jane shoes that are not comfortable for you during hot weather.

Apply shoe freshener.

There are some products designed to help keep your shoes from smelling. They are fresheners and some fragrances that if applied to a shoe can help in mitigating the effect of bad smells in a shoe.

Moreover, getting a shoe freshener will also help in improving the quality of the shoe and prevent a negative user experience.

Apply baking powder.

Baking powder is powerful in mitigating and preventing shoes from smelling.

If your shoe is smelling and you want to get rid of it, you should then apply some baking powder to the smelling shoes so that they will go away.

Increase your foot hygiene.

You must also take care of your feats and ensure that they are always clean and dry before using shoes, this will help in keeping the shoes away from emitting smells.

The more you have healthy and hygienic feats, the lower the chances of having smelling shoes while the higher.

Avoid shoes or socks while at home.

When you are at home, you should minimize how frequently you use both socks and shoes so that you will give your foot the ability to breathe properly and prevents situations that will make it inevitable towards having a smelly shoe.

If you are at home, walk freely without shoes when necessary, relax, and have your feats massaged by its direct contact with the carpets, rugs and tiles.


Mary Jane shoes tend to smell just like any other shoes if subjected to certain conditions however, there are ways in which you can effectively prevent it from smelling to have perfect and odourless shoes for your comfort.

The method you can use to prevent your shoes from smelling include; Wiping the miles down, airing the shoes outside, washing them properly, wearing them with socks, not wearing them in hot weather, applying shoe freshener, applying baking powder, increasing foot hygiene, avoiding shoe or socks while at home among many other effective methods.


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