Can Mary Jane shoes make you taller? (FACTS & Myths!) 

Shoes being one of the most important fashion accessories in the world also tend to increase the height of a person if he or she decided to wear one made for that purpose. 

However, knowing the right shoe that will make you appear taller or shorter is difficult for most people.

In this article, we are going to find out if wearing Mary Jane shoes can make you taller or give you the opposite and all the tips you need to know in other to get what you want in a Mary Jane shoe.

Can Mary Jane shoes make you taller?

A Mary Jane shoe or any shoe in the world cannot physically increase your height but rather give you the appearance of additional height even though it is not real or permanent. 

There are Mary Jane shoes that can easily make you appear taller than you are if you wear the type designed purposely with such in mind.

Mary Jane shoes as we all know come in different styles, shapes and heights in other to meet the needs of diverse customers in need of shoes that will give them their preferred fashion taste.

In this regard, Mary Jane shoes can make you appear taller by a margin between 0.25 to 4.0 inches respectively.

What type of mary jane shows will make you taller?

  • Steve Madden’s Orsen Mary Jane pumps.
  • The Geli combat Mary Janes by Katy Perry.
  • Isadora Mary Jane pumps by Linea Paolo.
  • Notice Mary Jane platforms by Lisa Vicky
  • Medusa Platform Mary Jane pumps by Versace.
  • Have Mary Jane Pumps by Fly London.
  • Dora Platform Mary Jane Pumps by Vagabond Shoemakers.
  • Pepper Mary Jane Platform Pumps by Circus NY.
  • Mingle Mary Jane Platform Pumps by Steve Madden.
  • Dahlein Mary Jane Pump by Vince Camuto.
  • Miss Jane Pump by Christian Louboutin.
  • Gwen Mary Jane platform pump by Free People.

All the above Mary Jane shoes can give an extra 1 to 4 inches respectively which will make you appear taller than you are.

What is the appropriate height  a  short person should wear?

There is no specification as to what the most appropriate height you should wear is. What you need and is comfortable with can only be determined by you alone.

However, when choosing a Mary Jane shoe that can make you taller, consider the one you can be able to walk comfortably with in the streets.

If you found out that a particular Mary Jane is too high for you to walk in comfort, then you can change it to another that is a bit shorter.

Suffice to that, the most appropriate in our calculations is a Mary Jane that can make you appear 2 inches taller than you are. This is because it is not too high to make you uncomfortable and not too low which will not make an impact.

Is wearing tall Mary Jane to look taller considered cheating?

Depending on the reason for wearing a shoe with 3 to 4 inches heels, no one can question your right to appear fashionable if what you do is not a violation of some rules or dress code principles that are specified in a particular environment.

Between tall mary jane and short ones which one is the best?

Whether you want to choose tall or short Mary Jane shoes for your next outfit, knowing the best is a matter of choice for the individual.

You know what you want to achieve with the fashion choices before you.

How tall are mary jane shoes?

Mary Jane shoes have both short and taller versions depending on the height a customer needed.

You can find Mary Jane shoes that are as tall as five inches high and those that are as short as you can find a shoe to be.


Mary Jane shoes can make you taller by some inches ranging from 0.25 to 4.5 inches high. It can give short people the chance to appear taller than they are even though it is not the actual representation of their height. 

Mary Jane shoes particularly Pumps can help in increasing a person’s height temporarily until he removes the shoes and goes back to normal.



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