Is Mary Jane shoes still in style? (10 facts EXPLAINED!)

Mary Jane shoes being one of the most comfortable shoes in the world is also one whose trend and popularity haven’t dried up like other shoes. 

To know if Mary Jane shoes are still in style this year, we conducted the most comprehensive report to help guide your decision.

So, is Mary Jane shoes still in style? Let’s find out in this short but informative article.

Is Mary Jane shoes still in style?

Despite the general assumptions that Mary Jane shoes are no longer in style, we find out that it is not true, especially this year.

Mary Jane shoes are still in style this year and the trend is not going to slow down but increase in the next 10 years to come because of several reasons leading to this spectacular Fashion resurgence.

Mary Jane shoes continued relevance is a clear indication that people are still after quality, classy, simple and durable shoes that will meet their fashion needs while ensuring maximum comfort.

Ok, let us see why the shoes are still in style this year and how they will continue to make an impact in the footwear industry across the globe.

Why are Mary Jane’s shoes still in style?

Mary Jane shoes are still in style this year because of several factors which we are going to examine. These factors are;

  • The need for classy and comfortable shoes.
  • Trends of using simple shoes.
  • Affordability.
  • most prominent for school use.
  • Durability of the shoes
  • Compatibility with the latest fashion trend
  • Reviews from established blogs.
  • Celebrity endorsements.
  • Massive advertisement campaign.
  • Past reputation.
  • Increase adoption by teenagers.
  • Easy to maintain.

The need for classy and comfortable shoes.

One of the most significant reasons Mary Jane’s shoes are still in style is due to the increasing demand by people to buy shoes that are both classy and comfortable at the same time.

Fashion trends, especially in the footwear industry, are dynamic and prone to changes.

However, footwear consumers still want to have access to shoes that will satisfy their needs, which is what Mary Jane’s shoes are very good at.

The guarantee of quality and comfort put Mary Jane’s shoes above board and ensured their relevance in today’s fashion industry.

Trends of using simple shoes.

As followers and active participants in the fashion industry, FashionTrendsGeek has witnessed lots of new inventions, hype and footwear products that are either making millions of dollars in profit or are already extinct for lack of market and acceptance from intended consumers.

However, people still want simple shoes which can be found easily with Mary Jane shoes globally.Mary Jane shoes globally.

Careful consideration given by Mary Jane towards simplicity is second to none in the footwear industry.

For people that were looking for a shoe with simple basic designs, the first point of call is always Mary Jane shoes, which explains why the shoe is still in style despite stiff competition from more established shoes.


This year and many years to come, buyers will most probably rely on shoes that are affordable in other to save cost as far as the shoe is durable.

The impact of climate change, rapid adoption of artificial intelligence and the rise of inflation help in making people more financially prudent and will always look for products that are affordable even if not from a designer brand.

The affordability of Mary Jane shoes, which cost from as low as $12 to $300, makes it the best alternative, which also led to the increase in buyers from school children to adults.

Most prominent for school use.

Another factor keeping Mary Jane shoes in style is their popularity as the best school shoes for both kindergarten and high school students.

Statistically, the number of school children wearing Mary Jane shoes is higher than any other shoe around the world.

This adoption as a school shoe coupled with its popularity helps it in staying relevant today.

The durability of the shoes.

How will you feel when you buy an expensive shoe and suddenly it begins to wear out and decay before extracting value for the money spent in buying it?

You are not going to be happy about it.

This is what people are trying to avoid by buying a pair of Mary Jane shoes because they have a reputation for lasting even longer than necessary.

Getting a Mary Jane shoes will help in making you richer while helping people get the quality goods they deserved.

Compatibility with current fashion.

To understand why Mary Jane shoes are still in style despite the number of years many people predicted that it is going to die, but are still relevant here. This is because Mary Jane shoes are compatible with all fashion changes that may come up now or in the nearest future.

Their shoes can be used with Jeans, Kimonos, office, casual, and leisure wears without appearing outdated at all.

You can even modify your wardrobe to any trending fashion and you will find a Mary Jane shoes that will suit it perfectly.

Reviews from established blogs.

Another reason the shoe is still with us in the fashion industry today is because of the activities of authority blogs talking about the shoes and getting people’s opinions on them.

This ensures that the opinion of people are aired to the world showing both negative and positive reviews, which gives the reader a chance to see if it is worth her time or not.

Authority sites such as and are playing significant roles in shaping this year’s fashion ecosystem.

Celebrity endorsements.

Celebrity endorsement has a tremendous impact on products marketing, particularly here in the fashion industry, where what a celebrity wear will be viewed as an endorsement of such product and hundreds of thousands of fans will buy the same just because his or her favourite celebrity.

Mary Jane’s shoes are still relevant today because some celebrities are still using them and at the same time receiving a healthy dosage of endorsements.

For the next few years, if this gale of endorsement from celebrities continues to work, Mary Jane shoes will stay in style for a long time to come.

Massive advertisement campaign.

Advertising a product can make the huge difference in fashion industry.

Several Mary Jane shoes, especially from reputable and well-established brands with huge advertising power, have created a situation which keeps Mary Jane shoes still in style by engaging in massive campaigns and promotions that make lots of people to patrons their products.

Past reputation.

Just like with people, reputation is very important in the footwear industry is more valuable than you think.

Mary Jane shoes have maintained a healthy reputation that span several years in the past.

This reputation is still helping them today because once people believed in your products, they can turn to loyalists of such products.

Likewise, on the other hand, a nasty past can affect the perception and integrity of a product now, even if that past incidence is no longer an issue.

Increase adoption by teenagers.

Teenagers have an exceptional role in the fashion industry.

They can make a product outright success or instant failures within the twinkle of an eye.

If a product becomes popular with teenagers, the probability of its success is increased likewise if they reject a product out of the blue.

Mary Jane shoes are still in style because teenagers are still very fond of the shoe and almost everyone has at least one in his or her shoe rack.

Easy to maintain.

Maintenance is a strong factor when buying a product, especially shoes.

This is why Mary Jane shoes have greater chances of success staying in style for the next few years because they are easy to maintain more than an other type of shoes.

Mary Jane shoes are not complex when it comes to the cost, time and method of maintaining the shoe.

It has comparatively less odour than other shoes out there and their design is also as simple as one can get.

Mary Jane shoes brands that are very popular in 2023?

  • Women’s round to ankle strap by Cybling shoes.
  • Women Mary Jane shoes by Byomigy shoes.
  • Mary Jane’s gothic ankle strap by Odisen shoes.
  • Mary Jane Ballerina ballet flat by shoo8teen
  • Mid heel Mary Jane shoes by Dadawen.

Are Mary Jane’s shoes going to be in style 2024?

Mary Jane’s shoes are still going to be in style not only in 2024 but in the next five years to come with the trend rising every day the shoe is being discussed.


Mary Jane Shoes are still in style now and will probably be relevant in the next few years to come because of its comfort, the need for classy and comfortable shoes,  trends of using simple shoes,  affordability, prominence for school use,  durability,  compatibility with current fashion,  reviews by established blogs,  celebrity endorsements,  massive advertisement campaign, past reputation,  increase adoption by teenagers and easy maintenance.

The future of Mary Jane’s shoes is going to be determined by the above factors and also by the innovations, elegance and creativity of its designers.



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