Are Mary Jane shoes Machine washable? (7 facts EXPOSED!)

Washing our shoes when they are dirty is an important component in keeping our hygiene and environment safe from the stinking smell of shoes found in them.

But not all shoes are the same because some are machine washable while others are not. 

This article addresses the question of whether Mary Jane’s shoes are machine washable or not and what can be done to keep the shoes clean at all times.

 Are Mary Jane shoes machine washable?

Dirty Mary Jane shoes can be washed in a washing machine

without fear of damage or incompatibility arising.

Mary Jane shoes Mary Jane shoes machine washable compatibility is a result of special consideration given by the manufacturers to ensure that the shoe owner can keep them always clean without extra effort that will make it harder to keep them away from specks of dirt and stinky smell prevalent in other shoes.

However, washing Mary Jane shoes in a washing machine is not an all-comer affair because it has some simple tips and strategies to ensure the shoes are safely washed which can be used later when they’re dry.

How to wash Mary Jane shoes in a washing machine?

Washing Mary Jane shoes can be effectively carried out in the following format which can improve their quality and ensure maximum comfort.

Let’s see the step-by-step approach to washing Mary Jane shoes in a washing machine.

Step one:

Remove the insoles before placing both the insoles and the shoes into the washing machine.

By removing the insoles from the shoes, you increase the chances of both becoming as clean as they can be compared to when you keep the insoles in the shoe without removing them.

The insoles are naturally the aspect keeping your shoes comfortable enough for you to walk in them.

Step two:

Close the washing machine opening. After putting the insoles and the shoes in the washing machine, the next thing expected of you is to close the washing machine and switch it on.

Choose a delicate cycle with cold water.

Washing Mary Jane shoes in a washing machine is not the same as washing your clothes.  Choose a delicate cycle from your machine and it should be with only cold water.

You can’t wash Mary Jane shoes with warm water to avoid damaging the shoes.

Choose a cold water aspect and you will get your shoes in perfect condition.

Some people will toss a few ice cubes into the washing machine even though there is no evidence to support any value.

Avoid any type of heated drying.

Mary Jane shoes after washing should not be dried in a heated dryer to avoid having problems with the shoes.

Because you washed it with cold water in the washing machine, you should avoid any type of heated drying for the shoe.

Leaving it to sundry.

Mary Jane shoes should not be left in the sub to dry after washing in a washing machine because it may cause significant damage to the quality of the shoes in the long run.

The best way to dry your Mary Jane shoes after washing them in a washing machine is to dry them in a shaded environment away from direct sunlight.

By keeping it in a shade to dry, you are increasing the quality and durability of the shoes for a long time.

How often should you wash Mary Jane shoes?

Since we have different types of Mary Jane shoes and brands producing each, then it is more natural for the shoes not to have the same washing schedule due to differences in material used, quality and brand specification.


Rothy’s and others that get smelly faster than other brands when worn without socks or tights need to be washed more frequently to prevent the appearance of stinky smells.

Some Mary Jane shoes can be washed frequently while others don’t need to be washed frequently.

If your type starts smelling after using it for a few days, then you should wash it as soon as it starts smelling on the other hand if you have not encountered the smelling problem, you should keep to the schedule for your hygiene safety.

The benefit of washing Mary Jane shoes in a washing machine?

What will you benefit from if you washed your Mary Jane shoes in a washing machine?

The following are some benefits you get from washing your shoes.

  • Turns a dirty shoe into clean one.
  1. Removal of stinking smells and odours.
  • Easy.
  • Faster than washing your hand.
  • Minimal risk to the person.
  • Clean feats
  • The appearance of a new shoe.

Turns a dirty shoe into a clean one.

A washing machine makes dirty shoes to become clear and free from any form of specks of dirt.

The ability to thoroughly remove unwanted materials from both inside and outside Mary Jane shoes is a good feature of a washing machine.

Removal of stinking smells and odours.

A smelly shoe is a nightmare to the owner and to the environment it is kept in. It will cause his nostrils discomfort and render a nice atmosphere into a terrible one as a result of the bad smell.

Washing a shoe in a washing machine helps in clearing the foul smell problem and improves the owner’s comfort.


Washing a shoe in a washing machine is a very easy thing to do.

It saves you both time and the difficulty of checking the nooks and crannies of the shoe to have it clean and fresh.

Faster than washing with your hand.

Your shoe can be washed in a faster and more efficient way by a washing machine much more than if you will do the same with your own hands.

The washing machine can wash 50 shoes or more in less than 30 minutes while a hand cannot be able to do the same number very well.

Minimal risk to the person.

Washing Machine helps you reduce the risk of harming yourself when washing shoes manually.

Some shoes have some metals attached to them that can affect your hands if care is not taken when washing them.

This on the other hand is different when you are using a washing machine.

Clean feats.

Another significant benefit you can get from washing your Mary Jane shoes in a washing machine is the ability to have cleaner feats than before.

As a result of the thorough cleaning done by the washing machine, your feats will not get any form of dirt from the shoe.

The appearance of a new shoe.

Washing Mary Jane shoes is beneficial to the owner because it will make it look like a brand new shoe with you needing to pay for another one.

The shape, colour, feel and appearance will all look like that of a brand new with a single washing in a washing machine.

Do Mary Jane shoes change when you washed them?

Some people are sceptical about the changes that they will see in their shoes if they washed their Mary Jane either by hand or in a washing machine.

However, our findings reveal something entirely different.

Washing your Mary Jane shoes will help you get the following benefits;

  • The shoe will retain their shapes
  • They do not shrink.

The shoe will retain its shape.

Contrary to the fears of shoe owners, washing your shoe, especially a Mary Jane shoe will help you retain the perfect shape of that shoe.

You will not see any damage that will occur to the shoe and will help get the best value out of that particular shoe at no extra cost.

They do not shrink.

Washing a Mary Jane shoes will not make your shoe to shrink! You can still have the same shoe with the same size without the problem of either shrinking or increasing in size.

The purpose of washing it is to remove specks of dirt and smell from the shoe which can be done without affecting the quality or size of your shoe.

What to put in the washing machine with Mary Jane shoes?

  • A detergent or liquid soap.

Detergents or washing agents are what you can put in a washing machine if you want to wash your Mary Jane shoes successfully.

However, some materials and shoes have specifications regarding how and what you should apply before washing them, make sure you follow their guide when washing your shoe so that it will give you the desired results.

  • Few ice cubes.

Some people have the habit of throwing some ice cubes into the washing machine before washing Mary Jane shoes.

This is because Mary Jane shoes are only washed with cold water and to help keep it that way, a few ice cubes are thrown into it.

However, there is no clear relationship between using a few ice cubes and getting a clean shoe but people still do it out of habit.


To wash in a washing machine, water is the most important aspect.

That water must be clear and clean which will help in a thorough removal of dirt from the shoe.

Can water damage my Mary Jane shoes?

Excess water can damage your Mary Jane shoes if care is not taken. However, washing a Mary Jane shoe correctly cannot damage your shoe at all.

If you keep your shoe outside and are subject to heavy downpours or you dropped inside water or a swimming pool, your Mary Jane shoes will become damaged in one way or the other.


Mary Jane shoes are perfectly machine-washable only if you stick to clear guides and instructions given on how to go about it.

You can end up damaging your Mary Jane shoes if you failed to abide by the rules, sun dry them or subjected the shoes to a hot dryer.

To avoid your shoe from getting damaged, always dry it under a shade away from direct sunlight to keep the perfect shape, contours, colours and quality of the shoes.


How to Wash Shoes in a Washing Machine

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