Are Mary Jane shoes vegan? (9 things you should KNOW!)

The world is gradually moving towards the adoption of vegan shoes as an alternative to prevent animal cruelty which has been going on for several years across the world. 

However, people still find it difficult to distinguish between an actual vegan shoe and one that is not when they attempt to buy vegan shoes. So the unanswered question remains,  are Mary Jane shoes Vegan? 

The FashionTrendsGeek team investigate this issue and come up with the following findings. 

Are Mary Jane shoes vegan? 

Several Mary Jane shoes fall under the vegan classification which are specifically designed and produced without animal or plant cruelty. 

Mary Jane vegan shoes come in different varieties to the delight of its users.

These varieties give users the chance to select each according to their tastes and personal preferences. 

Although Mary Jane vegan shoes are available in the market,  many people are not aware of these environmental friendly shoes are made from different materials that are durable, classy and comforting. 

How to identify a Mary Jane vegan shoe? 

Identifying the right mary jane shoes can be difficult if you don’t know what you looking for specifically. 

The following is the checklist you should use to know the right mary jane vegan shoes for you


To know if a Mary Jane is vegan, you should first of all look at the symbol in either the shoe park or inside the shoe which are usually provided by the manufacturers. 

If you see a sign depicting a skin of an animal or something similar,  then it is not a vegan shoe. 

If you see a label with the following inscriptions such as fur, silk, down, or anything that either depicts animal cruelty or lack of sustainable environmental consideration,  you should totally avoid such types of shoes because they are not what you are looking for. 


Check the shoe box or the container in which the product arrives or is being packaged to know the material the shoe is made up of. 

Some of the shoe boxes contained all the information you need to make an informed eco-friendly decision for the good and sustainability of our world. 

Shoe description. 

Just like what is obtainable in the food industry where ingredients use in making a particular product example Biscuit is clear on the pack, this is also obtainable in some products in the footwear industry as a transparency improvement method. 

If the Mary Jane shoe you suspected to be vegan has one,  you can easily skim through and see what you are looking for, if not you will have to try other means of verifying the information. 

Brand reputation. 

Reputation is a key component of marketing and the relationship between a product and its customers. 

Some reputable brands manufacturing Mary Jane vegan shoes are known for the quality and genuineness of the information they are providing as accurate. 

For such brands,  you don’t need to check what they tell you. If they market the shoe as vegan,  then it is vegan. 

Recycle materials. 

Some Mary Jane vegan shoes are produced using synthetic leather and recycled materials like plastic bottles which helps in keeping the environment better and safer for us and future generations coming. 

If the shoe is made solely from recycled materials,  then that mary jane shoe is truly vegan


There is regulatory supervision and ethical standard in the advertising industry.  Due to these regulations,  a product cannot be advertised with false claims. 

The official authorities and consumer protection agencies responsible will hold companies responsible for deceiving the public and engaging in unethical marketing methods. 

The sanctions for such infractions are very severe which prevents companies from engaging in these fraudulent acts. 

If a Mary Jane vegan shoe is advertised in print and electronic media,  feel free to check it out and if you are interested, go ahead and buy it. 

Physical inspection. 

Nothing beats a personal physical inspection if you know what you are looking for. 

The best way to recognise if a Mary Jane shoe is vegan or not is to inspect it directly if you have the means to do so.

This will help you in making the right choice and improve your acceptance of the quality and genuineness of the product. 

Asking questions. 

When you want to get relevant information about the authenticity of a Mary Jane vegan shoe,  the best thing is for you to ask the relevant channels that will give you the most accurate answers. 

Who are the best people to give you those answers are either the consumer protection representatives, salespeople, industry experts, investigators, factory workers, footwear journalists as well as reviews by people who bought the product. 

Why do people like Mary Jane vegan shoes? 

People like Mary Jane vegan shoes because they are comfortable, sustainable,  cruelty-free and much more as we can see subsequently. 

  • It is eco-friendly. 
  • It saves animal lives. 
  • It prevents the use of toxic chemicals. 
  • It is sustainable. 
  • It is durable

It is eco-friendly. 

People are in love with Mary Jane vegan shoes because they posed no danger to our environment. 

In a world of climate change and global warming, having a shoe that is specifically dedicated to saving the environment is an important achievement

The more people become aware of our environmental issues,  the more they will move their attention towards Mary Jane vegan shoes. 

It saves animal lives. 

Mary Jane vegan shoes save the lives of animals whose skin is used in the manufacturing of leather shoes across the globe.

Some of these animals are already endangered species as a result of the activities of poachers and the market for luxury leather footwear which will harm not only the animals but humans as well. 

People have realised that,  the more we take a stand and adopt vegan shoe policies the more animals will be saved and the more resources we have for research and development. 

It prevents the use of toxic chemicals. 

Mary Jane vegan shoes also help in mitigating the use of toxic chemicals which are harmful to our ecosystem. 

The use of toxic chemicals towards processing leather from animal skins such as cows, lions,  snakes and tigers has negative consequences on both humans and the environment itself. 

For humans use of non-vegan shoes will lead to more health challenges as a result of either breathing or drinking from a contaminated water source. 

For the environment, it will lead to more damage to nature,  flora and fauna relying on it to survive and thrive accordingly aiding in pollination and improving the ecosystem. 

It is sustainable. 

Mary Jane vegan shoes are well-liked by users because they are sustainable. 

Creating shoes from synthetic non-leather materials and recycled products ensures their sustainability

Instead of leaving plastics that will have a negative impact on the environment,  recycling and turning them into sustainable shoes will be the most desired outcome. 

It is durable. 

Mary Jane vegan shoes are capable of lasting for up to 3 years of use without disintegration depending on the brand and quality of your shoe. 

A shoe that can last long enough is what people are looking to buy. 

Are Mary Jane vegan shoes expensive? 

Mary Jane vegan shoes are not expensive as other shoes because the price only ranges from $35 to $230 each.

This is due to the differences in quality,  brand and design which makes the prices non-uniform.

The following are reasons why Mary Jane vegan shoes have high prices than Mary Jane non-vegan shoes. 

  • Difficulty in making them
  • Slow adoption by people. 
  • Heavy marketing bill. 
  • Designer brand and recognition

Difficulty in making them. 

Creating Mary Jane vegan shoes requires more effort,  attention and expenses than other shoes.

To create one Mary Jane vegan shoe, you need to take into consideration several aspects that are more expensive and difficult to look for. 

Slow adoption by people.

People are adopting vegan shoes but in a slow manner.

The rate at which the adoption is going now is too slow which makes production cost remain on the high side because of the slow market for the goods.

Heavy marketing bill.

Although all of us are aware of the need to adopt vegan shoes, Mary Jane vegan shoe producers have to devote a considerable amount of resources towards marketing the product.

This marketing strategy comes at a very higher price for it to make an impact which at the same time leads to an increase in its prices.

Designer brand and recognition. 

Brands’ and design reputations aren’t the same in the market.

Some brands are more prestigious than others which makes the quality of their products not to be in the same league lesser ones

Mary Jane vegan shoes produced by top brands naturally costs more than Mary Jane shoes produce by unknown brands in the footwear industry. 

Can my Mary Jane vegan shoes last long? 

Mary Jane vegan shoes are a durable alternative to cruelty-influenced leather shoes.

A good Vegan shoes can last between 2 to 3 years of constant use without tearing down or showing significant decay. 

Who manufactures mary jane vegan shoes? 

There are several manufacturers of Mary Jane vegan shoes in the footwear industry.

Below is the list of the most prominent ones; 

  • 1. Dr Martens 8065.
  • Eco-vegan Mary Jane. 
  • 3. Arcopedice
  • 4. Marita Moreno
  • 5. Dansko Fawna
  • 6. King 55
  • 7. Tukskin
  • 8. Viva flux 
  • 9 . Koi footwear

Is synthetic leather vegan recycled.?

Synthetic leather can be recycled to create room for the creation of another product in the market. 

An example is polyester from water bottles with VEG technology using bio-polyols which are safely derived from plants without taking resources away from farms and animals. 


Not all Mary Jane shoes are vegan, however, several vegan Mary Jane shoes are very popular in the market due to their quality, reputation,  good design, durability and comfort it gives to the user



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