Do pawnshops buy used shoes? (TRUTH revealed!)

 Pawn shops are a great place for you to get second-hand items like Bags, watches, face hats, and shoes among others at a cheaper rate and also easy to sell this item as well. 

However, do pawn shops buy used shoes? or do they just sell them to customers without buying from them?

Let’s find out.

Do pawn shops buy used shoes?

Yes, pawn shops buy used shoes from people who walk in and bring their shoes either in exchange for cash or to get other shoes as well.

The process is largely dependent on one’s negotiation skills and how good the shoes are to get a reasonable price.

Moreover, pawn shops buy your used shoes to sell same to interested customers as well.

So to get a profit from your used shoes beat down your prices in other to be able to sell and make a profit from a customer. 

You can bring your shoes and they will be priced low in other to make something for themselves.

Why do pawn shops buy used shoes?

Pawn shops buy used shoes for the sole purpose of reselling them to make a profit.

As a one-way ticket to get second-hand products that are either in very good, average or bad conditions, they help people a lot by buying things that they no longer need or are eager to sell due to financial issues and reselling them

Additionally, due to their closeness with the neighbourhood, they are very popular, particularly among young people.

Do they sell them?

Pawn shops are a great place to also sell used shoes instantly without queues, or long waiting periods.

This means that you are just minutes away from selling that shoe that hasn’t been used for some time.

7 Benefits of buying shoes from pawn shops

1. Good deals

People patronised Pawn shops for used shoes and other items largely due to good deals available at the shop which helps in reducing the cost of things and giving people an extra amount of cash for necessities

At pawn shops, you will find things that are good at a small fraction of the money they are worth if you take the time to select and negotiate with them.

2. Decent

Most of the shoes or other items you will find at a pawn shop are decent and good.

You will find shoes that have only been worn once or twice by the owner or shoes that haven’t been used frequently and the price is very low.

This will give the buyer a chance to own his dream shoes, clean them and wear them like brand new.

3. Clean

The majority of the shoes at pawnshops are cleaned either by the seller before bringing them to them or by the pawnshop owners if they have the time to do so.

Because a clean shoe makes it more appealing to the eyes, some pawn shops make it clean to attract valuable customers.

4. With box

Another factor that makes it more appealing to the buyer is that unlike in the GOAT-used shoes section, most shoes come with the original boxes that a customer can get to put them in.

5. Discounted

Another benefit of buying from a pawn shop is finding discounted products is very easy.

The shoes from brands such as Nikes, Hey Dudes, ballet shoes, Mary Janes, and Espadrilles among others are discounted for the buyer.

6. Based on negotiation skills

Can you negotiate well? If yes, then buying used shoes from a pawn shop will be great for you because the way you negotiate will determine the number of products you are going home with using your small amount of money.

Drawbacks of buying shoes from pawn shops

What are the problems of buying shoes from a pawn shop?


Sometimes you will buy a used shoe thinking that it was original and then realise later that they are fake even after paying for the price of the original.

Because shoes and bags come from different sources in United States, some people in other countries will take an original shoe and make a fake one that looks like it and sell cheaper and the only thing separating some of them is the quality, details and longevity.


Some shoes can be expensive at a pawn shop which will make buyers unwilling to buy except if they badly need that shoe.

Pawn shops are supposed to be cheap but why are good shoes selling very high even if the owner bought them very cheap?


If you don’t want to encounter dirty and sometimes smelly shoes, then don’t attempt to buy from a pawn shop because some of the shoes haven’t been cleaned or washed at all.

Not always available (people dependent )

Another drawback of buying your shoes in a pawn shop is that the shows are not always available except when people are willing sale to them.

This means when the supply of people is very high a pawn shop will have lots of shoes to sell and if the opposite, only a few will be available.


Some shoes you will find at a pawn shop are beat-out shoots that are overpriced by the shop owner to maximise his or her profit.

Therefore if you are careful you will end up paying for a shoe that isn’t worth the price.

The customer must check well

Unlike the GOAT VERIFICATION METHOD, a customer is tasked with the thorough checking of the shoes to see if they fall under the categories of those he is interested in buying.

Because they are more interested in selling than quality control.


You can buy or sell used shoes at pawnshops while paying a small amount of money to get the shoes of your dreams easily.


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