Are Mary Jane shoes work appropriate? (REVEALED!)

Finding the most appropriate shoes that will suit a formal working environment and keep you in style with fresh fashion trends. 

Despite your best effort in finding the appropriate shoe, you may not find the best choice due to some problems that you may encounter. 

This article attempts to explore the probability of Mary Jane shoes being work-appropriate and what made it so.

Are Mary Jane shoes appropriate? 

Mary Jane shoes are only appropriate for work if you meet the criteria and dress code of your organization as provided by your human resource unit or your human resource manager.

The best way to know if your Mary Jane shoes are appropriate for a formal working environment is to first study the dress code of your organisation as provided in your office manual.

The second way is to know either formally or informally by sending a request to the respective office of your organization and they will provide you with a timely response towards your enquiry.

Another method you can use to know if your Mary Jane shoes are allowed in your workplace is to observe the dominant activities of your workplace and see if a specific shoe is the only one allowed or if the office tradition is liberal allowing people to wear the shoes they want without restrictions.

Meanwhile, other formal institutions and organisations like schools, already adopted the use of Mary Jane shoes because it is more formal than most of the shoes out there and they are in style despite having a long history of existence.

What type of work are Mary Jane shoes appropriate for?

The following are the types of work most appropriate for wearing Mary Jane shoes;

  • Those working in the financial sector.
  • Teachers in a school.
  • Professionals in government establishment and non-profit.
  • Workers in grocery and malls.
  • Social workers.
  • Tour guides.

Those working in the financial sector.

Those working in the financial sector are the most likely categories of staff to wear Mary Jane shoes.

This is because the workers work in a particular office with minimum movement from one place to another.

More interesting is the fact that financial sector workers are prone to buying expensive shoes because their earnings are relatively higher than people of other categories.

Teachers in a school.

Teachers in different categories of schools are also prominent wearers of Mary Jane shoes.

The ease at which they were able to navigate from class to class, simplicity in playing field, support to your arch as well as the feel of authority it gives them make it their number one choice in a shoe.

If you are a teacher at a kindergarten or high school, you will find Mary Jane shoes reliable and will help you in discharging your duties to your pupils whether boys or girls.

Professionals in government establishment and non-profit.

Another set of staff that helps in the spread and popularity of Mary Jane shoes are government and non-profit staff and volunteers across all sectors of the economy.

This category of people mostly has no restrictions concerning the type of shoes they wear and what type of clothes they wear except in some specific instances.

Workers in grocery and malls.

Workers in groceries, shopping malls, corner stalls, plazas, canteens and many other people that run places were people used to buy basic things and other necessities like Mary Jane shoes so much and use them almost everyday.

To get a better understanding of this issue, take a walk from your home and visit the nearest canteen around your neighbourhood and you will be surprised to find one in every five has one category of Mary Jane shoes or the other

Social workers.

Social workers and volunteers helping in making the most vulnerable categories of people in our society also adopt the shoes as one of their favourite wears.

This is due to the fact that Mary Jane shoes come in different colours, shapes, and styles and can serve perfectly the feet and style of different sets of people.

Hardly you will encounter a group of social workers without one wearing Mary Jane shoes.

Tour guides.

With the ever-increasing demand and expansion of the tourism industry across the world, the impact of tour guides and their significance is increasing rapidly.

Your guides serve as a library or user manual in helping tourists get acquainted with a place and historical event.

This job they relish by wearing mostly Mary Jane shoes when they embark on a tour to the surprise of many people.

We questioned about 12 of those people and we found out that when one of them finds something valuable, they share and spread the news to other members that all will benefit from it just like what what happened with Mary Jane shoes.


Depending on your organisational rules and dress code and ethics as provided by the human resource unit, Mary Jane shoes are generally appropriate for your work environment and will not put you in trouble unless specifically stated by your human resource unit.


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