Is buying used shoes from GOAT safe? (4 secret EXPOSED!)

One of the best places for you to buy secondhand shoes in the United States is the famous GOAT app.

Despite their popularity and wide acceptance, many people are still wondering if it is safe to buy used shoes.

Is buying used shoes from GOAT safe?

Buying your brand new or used shoes from GOAT is safe, guaranteed, simple and affordable.

GOAT as a marketplace for shoes of all brands and for all categories of people is not only safe for the buyer but creates means through which both buyer and seller can get value for the investment and time which makes it worthy of your patronage.

Looking into how safe, easy and secure the GOAT platform is and the methods they used in verifying the authenticity and quality of the shoes offered for sale before they reach the consumer makes it a pioneer in marketing approach geared towards satisfying the consumer.

Although many people are wary about buying products online due to negative experiences in the past, the combo of GOAT has helped change the narrative for a few years now.

Therefore, if you are a buyer who wants to get his dream shoe or a seller who wants to part ways with his valuable shoes, GOAT easily provides all you need to enjoy the shoes.

Let’s dive in and see the benefits of buying your shoes from GOAT.

Why you should buy from GOAT


GOAT prices in comparison with other markets are reasonably cheap and affordable to most people interested in the footwear industry.

Take the used shoes section as a case study, brand new NIKE that is sold for around $800 can be obtained as used shoes between $300 to $500 depending on the quality and a seller’s preference.


Getting a very good quality is one of the most important aspects of people buying shoes.

However, with the increase in fakes and lookalikes all around the world, the need to ensure quality is delivered to customers becomes important to brands and footwear sellers.

The quality of the shoes you will get at GOAT is superb because it must follow their quality assurance policy before it can be shipped to a customer.


All shoes especially used ones that are on sale at GOAT must follow a process of vetting physically by a professional staff of GOAT.

This verification process removes the chances of getting bad shoes, fakes and the problem of delivering low-quality products.

When a seller is discovered to have attempted to sell bad shoes to unsuspecting consumers, he or she will be sanctioned by the GOAT as an organisation.

Ability to track shipment.

Buying shoes as GOAT gives you the chance to track the whereabouts of your shipment at all times.

With the provision of a shipping tracking system, a buyer can easily track the moving of his shoes after payment has been made.

This tracking ability is one of the reasons why you should buy your next shoes at GOAT especially used ones.


GOAT has been consistently selling top-notch shoes to customers around the world without disruption in the supply cm value chain aspect.

For more than 3 years since they became popular, the GOAT as a business has been generating more sales and patronage through how consistently they deliver promises made to both buyers and sellers alike.

Connecting buyers and sellers

Another reason why you should look into GOAT when a decision to buy arises is how easy it is for them to connect buyers and sellers, especially in the second-hand shoe category which is very smooth and easy.


GOAT is trustworthy and transparent in its business dealings which is why it is trusted by lots of its customers and ranks higher against their competitors.

Easy-to-use app

The website and application of GOAT is user friendly which makes it safe and secure to use.

You can easily download, visit put your details and buy a shoe of your taste all in less than 5 minutes and your shoe will be ready for you.

Excellent customer service

When you have a complaint, concern or question about anything related to GOAT, you will have employees attending to you instantly via different channels to make sure that the customer is satisfied with their service delivery.

Smooth payment system

A business that has a difficult means of making payments will suffer the loss of patronage from potential customers.

Recognizing these issues, GOAT went all out to ensure that you have a smooth and seamless payment-making system in place that is easy, secure, fast and reliable at your fingertips.

Extra security

What makes GOAT safe is the extra miles they went in adding extra security features that will prevent problems from standing in the way of its customers.


Because GOAT is well renowned all over the world with customers in all parts of the world relying on it for their quality shoes, GOAT becomes safe for you to use.


If you want to either buy or sell your shoes on GOAT, you will not be disturbed by too many requests for things that are not necessarily which makes transactions stressful.


No matter the amount of money you send through GOAT to purchase shoes, the assurance and peace of mind that you will get is priceless.

Just knowing that you are in good and qualified hands will make you happy, and relax and help you enjoy until your shoes are shipped to your doorstep.

Problems affecting GOAT

Just like most things good, GOAT also have areas that need improvement to make things better for both sellers and customers.

This problem might have been fixed already by now or is being attended to due to how fast GOAT are in taking actions to improve.

  • Takes time
  • No refund for a used shoe
  • No original box
  • Extra payment for instant shipping
  • No extra laces
  • Damaged box
  • Smell of feet
  • Few cases of fakes
    Some shoes do not match the pictures (but it can be fixed if reported)
  • Increasing shipping cost
  • Price change
  • No free shipping
  • Customer pay tax
  • 3% authentication fee

Takes time

One problem that people talk about concerning buying or selling on GOAT is that it takes time before it can reach the customer.

Generally, it takes between 3 to 3 weeks before you will get your shoes after buying and paying for shipping particularly because this mostly affects the used type section.

What is causing the delay may not be unconnected to the fact that after paying for a shoe, the seller is required to send the shoe to a GOAT warehouse to check for quality issues before it can now be shipped to the customer if the shoes are in good condition.

Although the delay is necessary, there are ways of avoiding it if you pay for instant shopping particularly if the shoe is already in their inventory.

No refund for used shoes

Except for is few cases of oversight on their part, GOAT doesn’t make refunds on used shoes to its customers.

Although the need for asking refund is rare, you can find some customers who will do that even if the shoes are perfect.

No original box

Another problem associated with buying used shoes from GOAT is that the original box of the shoe is no longer available.

However, they will send your shoes in a nice wrapped box that will prevent them from getting damaged.

Extra payment for instant shipping

Why pay for extra amount if you want your shoes delivered instantly? This question is on the lips of several customers already.

In GOAT you must pay for extra amount of money for your shoes to be sent to your location faster but if you can wait for 2 weeks, the shoe will reach you without paying an extra dime.

No extra laces

Unlike many new shoes particularly sneakers, used shoes from GOAT don’t come to you with extra laces because it has either been removed by the initial owner or don’t require one.

You will have to buy those extra laces if you want to use it.

Damaged box

Sometimes the box in which your shoes are going to be delivered is damaged slightly or significantly.

However, this problem is mostly coming from the delivery sector instead of GOAT but at least they need to take action.

Smell of feet

A used shoe from GOAT comes with the smell of someone who already wore the shoe in the past before you bought it.

Some people find this smell unpleasant and would like the stores to address it.

Few cases of fakes

Some customers in the past have complained that instead of getting the original shoes that they paid for, they needed to get fakes manufactured in other countries.

However, GOAT has been up and doing in that regard and no recent complaints have been recorded.

Some shoes do not match the pictures
Although it can be fixed if reported, some shoes do not match the exact picture one saw when the seller was trying to sell them.

These cases are also no longer an issue, however, they used to happen once in a while.

Increasing shipping cost

The cost of shipping shoes to your location is also increasing.
In the past, you could buy a shoe cheaper and even get lower fees for shipping but the cost is rising now which is a great deal of concern to individuals patronising GOAT from far away places.

Price change

Another problem people encounter with GOAT is the constant price changes of goods.

Sellers also take advantage of that loophole to increase the cost of the same product a little bit higher to generate lots of profit.

No free shipping

Free shipping for used shoes is not available so whatever you buy you have to pay extra as shipping cost to your destination.

Customers pay for the tax

The value-added tax on GOAT shoes is the responsibility of the customer instead of GOAT itself or shared between the two.

Why leave the customer to bear the brunt of posting VAT if you can share the responsibility?

The GOAT needs to do better in this aspect!

3% authentication fee

You will have to up to 3% of your transaction worth if you want to pay for authenticating a used shoe from experts in GOAT.

Many people find that to be exploitative and will be happy to see it going for free.


Buying or selling shoes from GOAT is safe, secure, fast, easy and reliable for all. The app is user-friendly and can serve you better within the blink of an eye.

GOAT makes sure that all your needs are taking of so that you will have a seamless transaction and user experience with the help of an expert customer service unit waiting to help secure more.


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