Do Espadrilles smell? (Surprising FACTS!)

 Having a smelling shoe is not something you will wish to experience, even though we all in one way or the other have had a shoe that has the same unpleasant smell in our lives. 

For people wanting to buy a pair of espadrille shoes, one question keeps popping into their minds which is “Do espadrilles smell?”

This article answered your questions with regards to whether or not espadrilles smell and what you need to do if yours has the same problem.

Do espadrilles smell? 

Like the majority of other shoes in the world, some espadrilles do smell but the smelling issue is relative to several factors such as the habits of the person using them, the conditions of the shoes, access to water, lack of proper maintenance, materials used in making the shoe as well as the frequency of using the shoes.

However, it is important to understand that before you can see one smelling espadrille, you will see more than fifty that aren’t smelling due to the reasons we are going to explain which you can use to prevent yours from becoming a smelly one.

Why do espadrilles smell?

There are several reasons why espadrilles smell even though the rate at which they do is minimal compared to other types of shoes people use globally.

The following are the major reasons why espadrilles smell.

  • Habits of the person using the espadrilles.
  • Conditions of the shoes.
  • Improper cleaning after they are wet.
  • Materials used in making the espadrilles.
  • Frequency of using them.
  • Lack of proper maintenance
  • Price or manufacturer.

1. Habits of the person using the espadrilles.

One of the biggest factors that make espadrilles smell has to do with the personal habit of the person using the shoes.

An individual who doesn’t take care of his hygiene seriously will likely not care for his pairs of espadrilles that much which will result in them becoming dirty and to the extent whereby they will start smelling badly.

Personal cleanliness will help solve the problem easily.

The result of the survey we conducted on 160 espadrille owners shows that 136 of the respondents agreed that espadrille is more likely to smell if it belongs to a person whose habit is considered unhygienic than a person who takes care of himself properly.

2. Conditions of the shoes.

An espadrille that is in bad condition is more likely to smell badly than a pair of espadrilles opposite that.

This is because a worn-out espadrilles or one that is on the verge of disintegration can be easily penetrated by objects, and specks of dirt and will likely retain water, sweat and bacteria compared to a new pair of espadrilles.

A shoe in bad shape will likely smell because the material integrity has been worn out and the ability to keep out specks of dirt is already compromised.

Therefore the best way to understand why your pair of espadrilles smell the way they do is to pick them and see if they are in good condition or not.

If you find them to be in good condition, fine yours is a different issue.

On the other hand, if you find out that they are not in good condition then buying a new pair should be considered.

3. Improper cleaning after they are wet.

Espadrilles need to be thoroughly and properly cleaned when they get wet.

Because the majority of them are made from fabric materials, the need to clean them properly cannot be taken lightly because when water stays long inside the shoe, especially dirty water, the likelihood of them smelling is very high.

Make sure that your espadrilles are properly cleaned and allowed to dry so that all wet spots capable of making it smell have been taken care of.

You can do that through a variety of different ways either by dabbing or scrubbing wet spots with a clean towel, using a brush or applying some anti-smelling components on the shoe.

4. Materials used in making the espadrilles.

Another condition that can make your espadrilles to be smelling is the type of materials used in producing the shoes in the first place.

Some materials are more prone to retaining smell, sweat from your feet and water or specks of dirt if they get into the shoes.

Understanding the type of materials your espadrilles are made from can help in understanding whether or not yours will smell and what you can do to prevent such from happening.

And espadrilles that are made from silk-like satin materials or forms inside the materials will likely smell when they are not well taken care of by the owner.

5. Frequency of using them.

How much you used or you are using the shoes also matters in understanding why your espadrilles are smelling.

Using espadrilles frequently daily without interchanging pairs can easily result in them developing bad odour because of the lack of time they get to be able to expel the likely bad smell in them.

When you use only one or two pairs of shoes all the time, chances are that they may disintegrate quickly, start smelling, need repairs and will have a shorter lifespan.

Think of this, a man who is working daily without rest for more than one year may likely get exhausted quickly than the one restricting himself to forty hours weekly.

This is because our body system needs to rest before it can be able to perform optimally later.

The same scenario is with Espadrille shoes, the more you use only a pair for all your activities the more likely it will develop issues and start smelling as well.

6. Lack of proper maintenance.

Shoes especially espadrilles are like cars, the more you give them the right amount of maintenance and care, the more likely you are to keep enjoying them without any issues.

On the other hand, the more you neglect their maintenance the more problem you are going to encounter when you use them.

Espadrilles, need to be maintained properly so that they can’t smell.

Their maintenance is simple and easy to do.

Wash and clean whenever they are dirty and wet, use them sparsely not every day, get more than one pair, don’t subject them to direct sunlight but rather keep them in the shade to dry and lastly, ensure that your socks or feet are clean when you want to use them.

7. Price.

The price you buy and espadrilles will also factor into whether they are going to smell even if you take care of it or not.

Buying cheaper or fake espadrilles will appear like a good choice initially, but in the long run, it is more problematic than you think.

When you get it very cheap, it is either as a result of the following. Either it is about to expire, or the quality and style are shabby.

Make sure you buy a good one at a reasonable price so that you will not end up complaining later.

8. Manufacturers.

Another factor that helps in making your espadrilles smell bad is due to the impact of the manufacturers.

Some manufacturers like those from the Chinese sector, can produce a copy that looks like your espadrilles and sell them to you as the original which will later end up smelling.

Make sure that you buy your own either from Amazon or from a recognised manufacturer that will help you improve your chances of comfort.

What to do when your espadrille starts smelling

There are several things to do when your espadrilles start smelling.

  • Wash them.
  • Apply shoe perf. 
  • Dry them outside.
  • Discard them.
  • Change the insole.
  • Improve your cleanliness.

1. Wash them

When your Espadrilles start smelling, you should first ensure that you wash them thoroughly using shoe gels appropriate for the shoes, rinse them with clean water and allow them to dry under a shade away from direct sunlight.

If you can’t wash it yourself, there are laundry services available that can do that by professionals effectively for a small amount of fee.

2. Apply shoe perfume

The next thing to do after your shoes are clean is to apply standard shoes that perform appropriately to espadrilles.

This will ensure that instead of your shoes oozing that bad smell, they will be emitting a nice smell from the perfume.

However, you need to consult your podiatrist and a professional user to know the terms and conditions.

3. Dry them outside.

Another factor that can help in preventing your espadrilles from smelling is for you to pick them up and bring them outside under a shade to dry properly and do away with the wet spots causing the issues.

This will most likely work for you especially if the shoes are already clean.

4. Discard them.

If your espadrilles have been worn out and the integrity of the materials is no longer guaranteed, you can discard the shoes properly by sending them to the right places or recycling collection centres for proper disposal.

5. Change the insole.

Sometimes the issue has to do with the insole of your espadrilles. If that is the case, the best way is to remove the problematic insole and replace it with a brand new one and the issue of smell is gone.

You can buy insole online or by walking to the nearest shop selling shoes and related accessories.

6. Improve your cleanliness.

One of the best ways to get rid of the smell from your shoes is to improve your cleanliness.

The majority of the time, changing your negative habits to positive ones is the catalyst to solving lots of issues in our lives.

When you improve your attention towards personal hygiene, you will devote more attention to what you wear, and how clean it is and make sure that what goes on your feet is not dirty.

How to clean jute espadrille?

Cleaning Jute espadrilles is like cleaning any pair of espadrille out there.

All you need is to make sure that it is not wet, use a clean dry towel, apply some cleaning gel and scrub it thoroughly.

However, you need to be careful in other not to end up destroying the jute or any other component of the shoe because too much pressure is bad for its shape and consistent nature which can distorted by too much water, or unnecessary pressure.


Do espadrilles smell? From the above guide, we can confidently answer the question in the affirmative that yes, espadrilles do smell and there are numerous measures you can follow in other to prevent them from smelling.

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