How long do espadrilles last? (EXPLAINED)

The ability of your shoe to last long is a fulfilling emotion. But the opposite is the case when your shoes end up not lasting long enough for you to say that yes,  I got value for the money spent buying it.

How long do espadrilles last? This question was on my mind when I first bought my first pair of espadrilles and carried them home. It is also the question on the minds of many others who have no idea if the shoes are going to last or not.

This article provides a detailed answer on the timeline you should expect your espadrilles to last and what can be done to make it that far.

How long do espadrilles last?

Espadrille’s lasting time frame depends on several factors such as material, how you use them, the frequency,  the care given to the shoes, price and brand reputation.

However, espadrilles usually last between 6 to 18 months depending on the individual using them and other important factors.

Moreover,  there are ways in which you can expand the durability of your espadrilles beyond the normal lifespan if you can stick to them as I am going to explain to you in this article.

To shed more light on the lifespan of an espadrille shoe, we need to take into consideration that the normal espadrille soles are normally made from jutes which is a natural material that is weaved to make it strong and serve the intended purpose for more than 200 years on Spain.

However,  modern espadrilles come with different types of soles that can either beat the durability of jute soles or disintegrate faster than them.

If you fail to take the necessary precautions to care for your espadrilles, you may end up losing it faster than the average lifespan people are used to seeing with theirs.
The maximum period an espadrille can last comfortably for you is 18 months while the minimum is about 6 months depending on several factors of course.
We are going to see such factors and how to fluence them to get a longer period.

How to make espadrilles last longer.

In other to make espadrilles last longer than what an average enjoy on the shoes is to know the means through which you can take care of them.

You can make your espadrilles last longer through the following ways:

  • Avoid getting them wet.
  • Stop using them frequently.
  • Wear them with socks.
  • Minimize using them on rough terrain.
  • Clean them when needed.
  • Store them in proper places.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Wear them in the summer.
  • Don’t engage in long walks with them.
  • Buy from a good brand.
  • Avoid rain.

Avoid getting them wet.

To make your espadrilles last longer,  you should avoid anything that will lead to them getting wet.

This is because when they become wet, they end up disintegrating very fast, start smelling, lose their shape become more of a liability to you.
Because of the materials that are used in producing the shoes, when water gets into them they can become uncomfortable and sticky on your feet and can even lead to your feet smelling badly which is an awful experience.

Therefore,  if you want to expand their durability,  you must avoid getting them wet.

Stop using them frequently.

Another important factor that is considered a problem to the durability of an espadrille is the fact that using them frequently will always lead to them collapsing earlier than the anticipated period.

Espadrilles are not the type of shoes that you can use every day,  you only use them from time to time if you want to last you for a very long time.

At least wear them not more than 4 times a month,  this will help in significantly making them last longer and keep you away from some ding money on getting another pair.

Wear them with socks.

One of the significant problems that can affect the time you will take wearing a pair of espadrille shoes is the issue of smelling from it.

Because the sole and the materials are either jute and fabric or fabric and a standard sole, wearing them with socks will help absorb the sweat from your feet and prevent the shoes from smelling which will enhance how long you will take to use the shoes without discarding them.

Although wearing it without socks can fit you well, to avoid the unpleasantness of the smell that may arise later,  use socks.

Minimize using them on rough terrain.

To make your Espadrilles last longer, avoid using them on a hiking event, rough terrain or any uneven terrain for a long period.

Using them in such terrains can easily compromise the integrity of the shoes or make them stretch in certain areas that don’t need stretching which can no longer be comfortable or fashionable for you to wear them again.

Clean them when needed.

Cleaning your espadrilles will help in making them last for a long time.

The more it is clean, the more likely to stay in shape but when the espadrilles are dirty, even the urge to wear the shoes will not be there.

Wearing a clean shoe is something everybody yearns for,  but not everyone is willing to do the job.

Store them in proper places.

If you want your espadrilles to last long,  you should get a proper place for storing them.

As we all know, you hardly see people wearing espadrilles during winter because the environment is not supportive of such time of shoes.

Therefore,  what most people do is to keep their espadrilles at home pending when the summer arrives.

However,  many people complain that when they go back to pick their espadrilles during the summer,  it is either damaged or the shape is no longer attractive enough for them to wear like that.

This is mostly due to improper methods of storing the shoes.
Store it properly and you will pick it up intact the same way you keep it.

Avoid direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight on Espadrille is a disaster waiting to happen because it will deform the quality and loosen the threads easily.

To avoid such a situation which can shorten the lifespan of your espadrilles,  always put them under a shade away from direct sunlight.

Wear them in the summer.

This may sound ridiculous to you, right?

However,  you will be surprised by the number of people who want to wear espadrilles during the winter and some did which destroyed their shoes.

To preserve your espadrilles always wear them during the summer and you will not have the problem most people are having concerning the longevity of the shoes.

Don’t engage in long walks with them.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a tourist, a student, an entrepreneur or a social worker.

Walking several kilometres with espadrilles frequently  is not advisable if you want it to last longer for you.

Restrict your use of the shoes to short or moderate distances,  long distances are a no on those shoes.

Buy from a good brand.

Buying from a well-known brand that is synonymous with quality and durability is highly encouraged.

Make sure that the pair of Espadrilles you are buying is from a good brand known for making quality shoes for consumers.

Avoid rain.

Rain will destroy your espadrilles faster than you can imagine especially if after the rain the shoes are not able to dry quickly. 

Rain penetrating the shoe is going to leave you with more problems such as how to clean it,  dry it, to avoid stickiness and discomfort while walking among others.

When should you stop wearing espadrilles?

You should get rid of your espadrilles when one of the following things happened:

Bad smell after cleaning.
It is time to get rid of your espadrilles when you realise that the shoes are still smelling even after cleaning them and without wearing them either.

This means that the shoes are no longer useful because the smell will always be there to make you uncomfortable.

Lost of shape.
When the shape and the contours of the shoes become distorted,  you know it is time to call it quits and get another pair.

This is because when the shoes lose their shape,  you will not be able to wear and look fashionable again and even your feet will not be feeling normal in them.

The stretch is too wide.
When the Espadrilles stretch too wide, this is a signal for you to drop them and look for new pairs quickly.

When they reach that level of stretch,  there is nothing you can do to ring them back to their initial stage.

Disintegration begins.
When you start discovering that some parts are peeling out, the sole is dissolving, and threads becoming loose,  that is the right time to stop using that particular pair of espadrilles and start looking for a new one.

Faded badly.
You know you need to drop them for recycling when you discover that the colours have faded very badly to the extent that they aren’t fit to be considered denim.

The right moment is to retire them and get the services of another one.

To understand how long espadrilles last,  you need to know that their time frame is between 6-18 months.  However,  if you use them properly and take care of them by either do   avoidance of getting them wet, stopping using them frequently,  wearing them with socks,  minimizing their use on rough terrain,  cleaning them when needed,  storing them in proper places, avoiding direct sunlight, wearing them in the summer, not engaging in long walk with them,  buying from a good brand and avoiding rainfall,   you will end up having a pair that will last you for a very long time

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