Can Espadrilles get wet? (5 things you should AVOID!)

When a shoe gets wet, wearing it can become uncomfortable for you. But why do shoes get wet in the first place, can espadrille get wet like other shoes? 

To get a good understanding of this question, this article takes you on the journey of why Espadrille gets wet, what happens if they do and the means of preventing it from getting so that you will not find yourself uncomfortable while walking.

Can espadrilles get wet?

Espadrilles are made from fabrics and other related materials which makes them prone to getting wet when you use them in rain, on the beach, while using a sprinkler or when you accidentally come in contact with wet grounds or water as a result of either work while walking when it rains, you haven’t found a place to hide or when you leave them outside overnight and it rains, or snows or dew got into the shoes.

Because espadrilles are composed of fabric materials, just like your clothes, the chances of them getting wet when they come in contact with water is always high because they are not made to resist water like other type of shoes.

However, getting your espadrille wet will not be the same as getting a pair of ballet shoes wet, because ballet shoes can easily disintegrate due to water while this is not the case with a pair of espadrilles.

To prevent a situation where your precious espadrille gets wet and makes you unable to wear it to a function or to walk comfortably on the street, there are ways you can prevent it from happening and an easy step-by-step guide that you should follow if they are already wet.

Feel free to explore any of the options available as we discussed in this article.

Grab your popcorn and enjoy the display of easy solutions to the espadrille getting wet.

How can espadrille get wet?

Espadrille can get wet for numerous reasons which include rain, keeping them outside overnight, walking with them on the beach area, accidental contact with a working sprinkler, accidental pouring of a drink on them, when you wash them and many other means through which you can get them wet accidentally or deliberately.

Let us take each of the following steps and see how it can get your espadrilles wet.


When you wear your espadrille a walk or to your office and it suddenly starts raining, the chances of getting the shoes wet before you get back home or find a shelter to stay under is very likely.

Because they are usually made from fabric materials, every single droplet of rain on them will have an impact on how wet they become coupled with the raindrops already on the ground that you will have to match before getting to your car or home.

Keeping them outside overnight.

When you keep your espadrilles outside overnight and not under a shade or shelter but directly where rain, snow or dew can get to them, there is a higher chance than when you wake up in the morning you will find them wet especially when it rains or the snow is higher.

Walking on a wet beach.

Walking on a wet beach with your pair of espadrilles can get them wet especially when the seawater that comes up to the shore gets to your feet.

Most times, the sand from the beach is a little bit moist as a result of water waves that come up to the shore from time to time.

Washing them.

The most common way of getting your Espadrilles wet is when they are dirty and you want to wash them to get rid of the specks of dirt and make them clean again.

Washing your shoes involves the use of water or some wet solution that will help you remove specks of dirt, and smell and make them look like brand-new shoes easily through several means.

You can wash your shoes in a variety of ways and all will end up getting them wet with or without your approval.

When you wash your espadrille using traditional means, with a washing machine or using any other method, they will get wet.

Contact with a working sprinkler.

Your espadrille can also get wet when it comes in contact with a working sprinkler on the lawn, walkway or in campus grass areas which is aimed at conserving the green scenery. This may likely happen if walk close to the sprinkling area unknowingly.

When a drink mistakenly pours on it.

This is likely going to happen during events like parties, fundraisers, gala nights or in pubs when lots of people are gathered in a place and drinks are available for everyone.

What happens if the espadrille gets wet?

When your espadrille gets wet, the result may likely be one of the following:

  • Rot as a result of moisture
  • Smelling odour
  • Discomfort
  • Stickiness
  • Heavy on your feet
  • Loosening of materials
  • Force to walk slowly.

Rot as a result of moisture

Espadrilles that get wet and left like that without getting it to dry may likely have some areas developing rots as a result of the prolonged stay of moisture on those components which is bad for the shoe.

However, a normal amount of water on the espadrille that is allowed to dry later will not have any negative impact on the shoes due to the fabrics used in manufacturing them.

Smelling odour.

When Espadrilles get wet and they are left like that without taking measures to make them dry will result in the shoes becoming smelly.

The smelling odour that will be emanating from the shows is the result of the bacteria from our shoes which usually makes shoes smell especially when they are dirty.


Wet espadrille shoes will not be comfortable for your feet when they are wet.

This is because the wetness will either cause the shoes to slip off your feet, making it extra difficult to walk properly or prevent you from enjoying the right experience associated with espadrille shoes.


Have you ever worn a wet jeans to school, workplace or even stay at home? If you do I bet you the situation is not something you will want to experience again.

Espadrilles shoes are sticky when they get wet which is not something good to experience.

Therefore, getting rid of the wetness will help prevent the chances of the shoes sticking to your feet and making you miserable when you wear them.

Heavy on your feet.

A wet espadrilles is always heavier than one that isn’t wet.

This is because wet espadrille has absolved some quantities of water into the fabric which will make it heavier and increase the difficulty of walking with them to your desired destination.

Loosening of materials

Leaving your espadrilles wet can also lead to the materials in the shoes to start getting loose which will be bad for you.

When the glue, fabric and other components start getting slack, there is a likelihood that you will have to pass through some disappointment and spend some money before you can get them back in good condition.

Force to walk slowly.

Wearing a wet espadrille will force you to walk slower than you intend to do.

A 30-minute walk with a dry espadrille can extend up to 45 minutes if they are wet.

This wet espadrille can cause you to lose valuable productive time that can be used for other productive measures that can enhance your economic, social and financial well-being.

Are espadrilles water-resistant?

Although you may find a particular espadrille that may be water resistant, however, generally espadrilles are not water resistant and they can easily get wet when they come in contact with rain, dew, snow, beach, or any other means.

Espadrilles are therefore not water resistant but you can use water to wash them especially if they are dirty.

However, you must make sure that you dry them properly after washing so that you will prevent unwanted consequences.

How to dry wet espadrilles

You can dry wet espadrilles using four different methods which include all the following :

Keeping them outside.

To dry your wet espadrilles, you need to keep them outside not under direct sunlight but in a shade which will prevent them from getting exposed to direct sunlight that may likely end up damaging the shoe.

Find a good place outside to keep them. And you should make sure that air is circulating so that it will get dried quickly.

Using hair blower.

Using a hair blower moderately is another means of getting your espadrille shoes dry after they get wet.

The ability of the hair blower to do so with relative ease is a factor that left many people surprised.

However, a hair blower if not used moderately can end up damaging your espadrilles especially when the air is hotter than normal.

To prevent any damaging situation to the shoes, use it moderately.

Using washing machine drier.

Another alternative you can use in making your wet espadrilles dry is to use a washing machine equipped with drying capabilities.

Moreover, using a washing machine to dry espadrilles is not that difficult because they have inbuilt systems that can help you achieve your objective.

How to clean wet espadrilles

To clean your wet espadrille shoes, you need to follow these steps.

First, you need to dab the shoes with a dry towel to remove the excess moisture on it.

After removing the excess wetness from the shoes, you need to take into consideration whether or not the shoes need a thorough cleaning with washing gel or not.

If the shoes don’t need a thorough cleaning, then you should get a clean towel and scrub the shoes with it till the wet areas become minimal.

After you are satisfied with the cleaning, you need to put the shoes in areas where they will easily get dry quickly.

Choose a place that is away from direct sunlight to safeguard the integrity of the shoes and prevent them from getting damaged by excess heat.

Can suede espadrilles get wet?

Although finding Suede espadrilles is not common, it can also get wet when it comes in contact with excess water.

However, it is more difficult for a suede espadrille to get wet compared to a normal espadrille made from fabric materials.


Espadrilles can get wet due to several factors we discussed above which include rain, keeping them outside overnight, walking with them on the beach area, accidental contact with a working sprinkler, accidental pouring of a drink on them, and washing them among others. And we also look into what happens when your espadrilles get wet.

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