Do Mary Jane shoes disintegrate (EXPLAINED!)

When we buy a shoe we expect it to last for a very long time and not disintegrate especially if we spend a lot of money when buying coupled with what the manufacturers of the shoe promised us. 

However, for some reasons, some of our shoes ended up disintegrating for several reasons which we may not be aware of until now.

To understand if Mary Jane shoes disintegrate as some shoes do, we conducted an extensive investigation together with the review by people who have experienced such among several shoe brands.

Do Mary Jane shoes disintegrate

Some Mary Jane shoes do disintegrate to the horror of their owners as a result of several factors which comprises both natural and man-made causes.

The actual causes of these disintegrations vary from one environment and individual to another and from one manufacturer to the other.

Some of the blame for the disintegration is solely the responsibility of the manufacturer who did not conduct due diligence when it comes to quality and exposure of the shoe to certain conditions as we are going to discuss.

Why do Mary Jane shoes disintegrate

  • Age.
  • Usage.
  • Wetness
  • Quality.
  • Frequent use.
  • Long keep.
  • Poor or lack of maintenance.
  • Drying in a washing machine or direct sunlight.


Age is the biggest factor causing Mary Jane shoes in particular and all other shoes in general to disintegrate due to wear and tear as well as natural causes.

Mary Jane shoes like any other product have a specific lifecycle which is generally the time for a particular shoe to expire either as a result of long storage or frequency of usage.

This reason for Mary Janes disintegration is natural because the owner will have long extract value for money spent in buying it.


The frequency of using Mary Jane shoes can result in them disintegrating.

If you keep reusing a particular shoe every day, walking long distances will lead to the shoe expiring faster than if you are using it sparsely.

This also means that a person with 3 shoes will have them expire early than another with fifteen pairs because the rate at which both are using each will be different.


Some shoes will disintegrate faster if they are constantly getting wet as a result of both the material and the damage moist will cause to some part of the shoe which will be significant.

Mary Jane shoes don’t like to be in a constant state of moisture because they are not designed to withstand the effect it may cause.

That is why it is advised to dry your Mary Jane shoes as soon as possible when you wash them with water manually or in a washing machine at home.


The quality of your Mary Jane shoes matters when issues of disintegration are discussed.

If you buy your shoe from fake manufacturers or those made from cheap products, you will find out that it will not last as long as the one you buy from a reputable brand that is made to last long.

Poor quality will make your Mary Jane shoes quickly disintegrate in a matter of few usages or ranging in a few weeks.

Long keep.

Keeping your Mary Jane shoes for a long period is also another factor leading to their disintegration quickly.

If you keep your shoes for more than 15 months in a stretch, expect to find the shoes, not the way you keep them because some parts may either shrink, expand or sticks out of their original position.

Poor or lack of maintenance.

Maintenance is the difference between getting your Mary Jane shoe to last longer than that of your friend if she is not giving it the required maintenance needed.

A Mary Jane shoe that has been left wet, dirty and under the sun and without adequate polishing of the leather will get damaged in a very fast phase.

Drying in a washing machine or direct sunlight.

Drying your Mary Jane shoes in a washing machine or under direct sunlight can cause them to disintegrate faster than it is supposed to.

When you washed your Mary Jane shoes in a washing machine, you should the temptation of drying them in the washing machine or under direct sunlight because it can damage the shoe and cause them to disintegrate beyond repair.

What to do if Mary Jane shoes start disintegrating?

If your shoe is disintegrating, is it the end or there is a particular thing to do that helps in minimising the problem?

Mostly, when Mary Jane shoes start to disintegrate, you should do one of the following things so that you can benefit from the issue. The following are the next line of action you should take;

  • Send to recycle
  • Change the sole
  • Use it for few more times

Send to recycle.

When your Mary Jane shoes start disintegrating beyond repair, you should send the shoe to recycling.

This will ensure that you get some dividend from it, safeguard the environment and make it useful again.

Change the sole.

The most common area for the disintegration starts from the soles of the shoes.

If you see the shoe falling apart starting from the sole, you should change the sole and get a new one which will extend the lifespan of the shoe for you to get more value for the money you spend buying it.

Use it for few more times.

Sometimes you will find the problem very early. If you have no other option than just discarding the shoe, you should wear it for some time before it will be completely useless.

Can I stop Mary Jane shoes from disintegrating?

For natural causes like wear and tear, long-term storage or direct exposure to sunlight, you can’t stop it from happening because it is a normal lifecycle.

However, for Man-made causes like leaving them outside, poor maintenance and lack of usage, you can prevent that from happening if you want.

Alternatives towards preventing shoes from disintegrating.

You can’t stop Mary Janes from disintegrating due to the natural product life cycle but you can reduce the rate at which the shoes will disintegrate by following these methods;

Keeping them in a safe and dry place.

Polishing them when necessary.

Using them from time to time and not every day.

Buying other pairs to be using.

Getting them repaired with good materials when they got spoiled through a qualified cobbler.


Mary Jane shoes can surely disintegrate if you are subject to certain conditions which are unfavourable to their normal use.

If your Mary Jane shoes are subjected to moisture or wetness for a long period, overuse keeping them for a long period among other factors can cause your shoe to disintegrate partially or completely.


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