Do Mary Jane shoes get wet? (9 things you should Know!)

Getting your shoes wet can be both challenging and unpleasant experience especially if you are away from home or in the middle of an important occasion. 

However, some some shoes are not designed to get wet even when water is poured on to them accidentally or otherwise.

This article will explore the possibility of Mary Janes getting wet and what should be done to prevent it.

Do Mary Jane shoes get wet?

Yes, Mary Jane shoes do get when water is poured on them, rainfall, walking in snow, accidental dropping of a cup on your leg in an event or when you washed them when they got dirty.

Moreover, Mary Jane shoes are not designed to be used like a rain boots during rainy season or to be used outside on the snow.

The shoes are made specifically for either style purposes, to be use as a school shoes, for wedding or as a work related shoes in a formal gathering.

Let us examine the factors making Mary Jane shoes to get wet.

Factors that making Mary Jane shoes to get wet?

  • Rainfall.
  • Dampness/moist
  • Keeping them outside over night
  • Washing them
  • Accidental dropping from cup, bottle or sprinkler.
  • Pee from small babies.
  • Pee from pets.
  • Walking through snow.
  • Sweat from your feet.


A Mary Jane shoe can get wet if rainfall dropped on them while they are kept outside or when the person wearing it is outside when it rains.

Even if the person has an umbrella, it will not prevent the shoes from getting wet as a result of the droplets either hitting the Mary Jane shoe directly or while hitting the ground and sprinting to the shoes.

If the rainfall is severe, then the Mary Jane shoe is going to be completely moistened by the impact which can make the person wearing them to be uncomfortable and the shoe will become clumsy especially if there is no socks attached. 


Keeping your Mary Jane shoes close to wet objects can result in getting them wet as a result of the impact that will happen to shoe due to whether.

Keeping them outside over night.

If you keep your Mary Jane shoes outside over night and not under a shade will result in the shoes getting wet after you wake up in the morning due to the impact of morning dew that force the shoe to get drenched.

Washing them.

When you wash your Mary Jane shoes using either a washing machine or by your hand, your shoes will become wet till after you dried them in the right manner.

Although, washing your Mary Jane shoes is directly translated in getting them wet, however that wetness is a positive one because it is for the benefits of keeping the shoe clean and getting rid of smell that will make enjoying then impossible.

Accidental dropping from cup, bottle or sprinkler.

Another reason why your Mary Jane shoes can get wet is if water accidentally drop on both or one of the shoe.

This accidental drop can be as a result of several factors such as a cup falling out of your hand, a bottle of water or glass cup containing wine, alcohol or fruit juice slipping out of your hand hitting the ground thereby splashing the content on your shoes.

It can also be as a result of staying close to a sprinkler in the open who’s content get to you accidentally.

All the above are reasons why you can get full or part of your Mary Jane shoes wet in spite of your best effort to avoid it.

Pee from small babies and toddlers.

Babies are very cute and lovely to hold on your hands.

However, if a baby has no diaper and it suddenly pee on you while holding it can led to you getting a Mary Jane wet.

However, the chances of getting such is slim except if you are the parent of the baby or you work in a baby care home.

Pee from pets.

Did you know that some naughty pets can get your shoes wet?

Yes! Your pet or another person’s pet can pee deliberately or accidentally on your shoes while they are kept outside or when you take the pet for a walk around the streets.

This we have seen lots of time which sometimes funny making us laugh while other times not so funny especially when you have somewhere to be in a short moment.

Walking through snow.

Walking with your Mary Jane when it snows will get your Mary jane wet especially if the shoe is leather.

There are some specific shoes design for Snowy moments and it is the most appropriate ones to use in other not to have your shoe getting wet.

Sweat from your feet.

Your shoe can also get wet as a result of the sweats coming out of your your feet which can cause you discomfort.

Although it is rare to find people with excess discharge of Sweat from there feet, we can’t rule out the possibility so as not to limit the credible information needed by people to make informed decisions on issues.

How to avoid getting Mary Jane shoes wet?

Since we already examine several ways in which your shoes can get wet, let us see the process you can use to avoid getting them wet.

  • Keep it in dry areas.
  • Avoid walking into water.
  • Use socks to avoid sweet.
  • Don’t keep your Mary Janes outside overnight.

Keep it in dry areas.

The best way you can use to avoid getting your Mary Jane shoes wet is to keep them in a dry areas under a shade.

This will help in ensuring that rain, snow, damp or dew will not get to the shoe which will cause it to wet and all away from direct sunlight which cause some damages.

Avoid walking in water.

To maintain the reliability of your Mary Jane shoes, you must avoid walking in water especially when it rains. If you must stroll into the water immediately after it rains, you should take off the Mary Jane shoes and use a flip flop which will not be affected by water.

Use socks to avoid sweet.

You can also use socks to avoid getting your shoes wet especially when your body is emitting excessive sweat particularly in your feet.

Wearing socks will prevent the sweat from getting to your shoes due to retaining ability of most socks.

Don’t keep your Mary Jane outside overnight.

Avoid keeping your Mary Jane shoes overnight in the open.

You have no guarantee of whether it will rain or not and dew usually get to your garden very early in the morning and leave the place damp like it rains during the high before.

How to dry a wet Mary Jane shoes?

There two major ways of drying a Mary Jane shoes after they are already wet.

The first method is to put them outside under a shade away from direct sunlight. This will help in keeping them according to their quality, colour and style without causing any form of damage.

While the other method is to dry them using washing Machine. This method is not recommended except if stated otherwise from the manufacturers of your Mary Jane shoes.

Things to avoid when your Mary Jane shoes are wet.

There are certain things that you should not do when your Mary Jane shoes are wet till after they become dry.

Those things consists of the following;

  • Wearing them while wet.
  • Sun drying them.
  • Drying them in a washing machine.
  • Leaving them wet.

Wearing them while wet.

You should not wear your Mary Jane shoes while they are wet because it will not be a good experience for your feet and may likely cause your legs to smell.

Sun drying them.

If you come across your wet Mary Jane shoes, you should avoid the temptation of drying them in the open via direct sunlight.

Although it will get dry very quickly, but the damage to the quality of the shoe will be very extensive and not worth the trouble.

Drying them in a washing machine.

Another act you should not engage in is drying your Mary Jane shoes in a washing Machine.

You may end up coming out with some part of the shoe damage and that will be the end of you using that particular shoe even if you bought that particular Mary Jane shoes very expensive.

Leaving them wet.

Do not leave your Mary Jane shoes wet at all. If you find that they are wet already, look for means to dry them.

Leaving them wet will cause some areas to swell, cause disintegration and damage the leather to the extent that you will find it difficult to wear and walk with them alone.


Mary Jane shoes can get wet like most other shoes that are not design for extreme weather or those designed specifically for resisting wet surfaces like rain boots, Eskimo shoes amongst others.

Although Your Most of your Mary Jane shoes can get wet, there means of avoiding that unpleasant experience in other to safeguard the shoes from getting damaged.


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