Are Mary Jane shoes expensive? (EXPLAINED!)

Most people in the world dream of having many pair of shoes for their use. However, only a few people can achieve this dream due to the high cost of buying a shoe. Today, we will take a look to see if Mary Jane is expensive and tips that will help a new buyer.

Is Mary Jane shoes expensive? 

Mary Jane Shoes are relatively more expensive than other shoes of the same category.

This high price range is not just a mistake but a result of the quality and durability of the materials used in making the shoes which can effectively last you between two to four years without fading, disintegration or decay.

When buying a shoe, checking the quality, reputation, comfort, heel support and durability  is very important which is Mary Jane shoes stand tall among other shoes in the footwear market globally.

Why are Mary Jane’s shoes expensive?

To understand why Mary Jane Shoes are more expensive than other similar shoes, we need to examine in detail the following valid points.

  • The quality of patent leather.
  • Designer brands.
  • The quality of the shoes.
  • Scarcity.
  • Materials of production.

The quality of patent leather.

The patent leather in Mary Jane shoes is top-notch and of the highest quality, you can find across the footwear production industry.

The high quality of the patent leather make makes the prices of Mary Jane shoes to be higher than others because it can last longer than other patent leathers with less quality.

It is not surprising that for you to get an original quality material in the market, you have to pay a higher price than when you decide to purchase those of lesser quality.

This is because a good patent leather will stand you out from your competitors and make buyers trust and patronise your products first before going to your competitors which in turn will translate to higher revenue, brand awareness and prestige, more market share and an opportunity to grow the business.

Designer Brands

The majority of Brands making Mary Jane shoes are designer brands with credibility for making good quality products over a long period.

When a well-reputed brand is producing your shoes like they have been doing for Mary Jane shoes, your prices will be higher than that of your competitors because the designer companies will be out to protect their reputation thereby producing outstanding shoes to their customers’ satisfaction and a reflection of value worth of the money spent.

The quality of the shoes.

Just like in the famous novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell which states that “all Animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” is the same with the footwear industry we can also say that All shoes are equal, but some shoes are more equal than other shoes in the market.

Some shoes like Mary Jane are of high quality while other shoes are of lesser quality which makes their prices not to be in the same bracket because of their lifespan.

Mary Jane can last for a very long period and still look fresh and good without any scratches or signs of decay which cannot be said for other shoes out there that can last for only a few months at best before they start falling apart.


The availability of Mary Jane shoes in the market is also another aspect to consider when looking for answers on whether Mary Jane shoes are expensive.

Mary Jane shoes are not always available when you want to buy them except if you are ordering them from an online marketplace like eBay, or Amazon among others.

I remember when we went to more than eight footwear stores just to buy Mary Jane shoes but we couldn’t find them because they are simply out of stock.

The unavailability of Mary Jane shoes is another factor that usually led to an increase in their prices.

Materials of production.

Mary Jane shoes are made from materials that are both expensive and of high quality in the industry.

Sourcing quality materials for producing Shoes is never an easy task to accomplish. You will have to look from one vendor to another till you find the right product for you and at the right price.

Since sourcing for Mary Jane quality materials is expensive, the business owner making the shoes must take into account all his expenses and add to them to generate enough profit that will sustain him in the business.

Are there cheap Mary Jane shoes?

Several Mary Jane shoes are very cheap and of high quality. However, the quality will not be as good as that of one with a higher price range and superior quality.

You can get Mary Jane shoes in several stores but don’t expect them to have the same level of comfort, quality, design and prestige as the higher ones.

Moreover, you need to understand that buying or using cheap Mary Jane shoes has lots of setbacks as we can see below;

The disadvantage of cheap Mary Jane shoes

-cheap materials

They can’t last long

– fade easily.

-low prestige.

-made from cheap materials.

cheap materials

Cheap materials used in producing Mary Jane shoes make them inferior and of lower standards.

Cheap materials also don’t look as good as expensive ones except for imitation purposes which will make the wearer appear as a fake person among people in society.

They can’t last long

Cheap Mary Jane shoes are not as everlasting as expensive ones.

If quality Mary Jane shoes can last for three years, a cheaper alternative will not last for more than one or two years at best and will disintegrate faster than a very good one.

Fade easily.

Cheap Mary Jane shoes have more disadvantages because they fade more easily when you use them compared to the good ones in the market.

If you put your hard-earned money to buy a cheap Mary Jane shoe will make you lose money in the long run because you can use more money to buy another one and you can’t wear the one that fades quickly.

Low prestige.

Most people are conscious of how other people see them thereby they dress and appear in a s good fashionable way so as not to be seen as a person without style.

Cheap Mary Jane shoes will affect the reputation you build for yourself because people will see you wearing one question why you chose to go with the wrong one instead of you buying the best?

How can you feel when you are walking and suddenly your shoe cut or develop issues that have to be fixed before it can be used again?

That’s what a cheap shoe can do for you. It will embarrass you and leave you stranded when you needed it most.


Mary Jane shoes are a bit more expensive than other shoes of the same category as a result of the quality of the materials used in producing them, the luxury brands that make the shoes, the expensive patent leather in them, scarcity of the products in the market all which makes it unique and different in the footwear industry.



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