Are Mary Jane Shoes allowed in Schools? (EXPLAINED! )

Buying the right school shoes for your child is a very important issue that cannot be taken lightly. Mary Jane shoes are the world’s most famous school shoes, especially for girls of similar age.

Many times people will come to us and ask the same question, Are Mary Jane shoes allowed in schools?

If you are part of the same people with similar questions, look no more. This article explains all you need to know without leaving any details out. Enjoy!

Are Mary Jane shoes allowed in schools?

Mary Jane Shoes are allowed in almost all the schools here in the United States and across the globe as the most appropriate school shoes for children.

Mary Jane is the world’s most appropriate school shoes suitable for children because of their comfort, ease of maintenance, lack of odour and feet support to your children’s soles.

According to a recent survey conducted, Mary Jane shoes are the most recognised shoes for pupils among school children particularly of the female gender.

However, some schools have specific rules when it comes to the shoes that students are allowed to use in schools. This is to ensure that adequate measures are in place to ensure uniformity amongst the children and prevent deviations from the school values and standards.

What makes Mary Jane the most appropriate school shoes is the simplicity of design, and the ease at which even kindergarten students can strap it off and on. 

Can little boys and girls wear Mary Jane shoes to school?

Some schools allowed little boys to wear Mary Jane shoes as their primary school shoes because the shoes can be both unisex and neutral for all to use.

However, some schools have no specific rules regarding whether to allow boys to use Mary Jane’s school shoes or not on the school premises.

If you have a little boy that wants to wear Mary Jane shoes to school you can either allow him to do so or ask the school authorities to know if they can allow it.

Looking for schools that accept Mary Jane Shoes?

If you are looking for schools that allow little boys to use Mary Jane shoes without restrictions should do the following checks to get relevant information.

Check the school shoe policy.

The first step to knowing if the school you want to send your kid to allows little boys to wear Mary Jane shoes is to check the school policies of the school either by visiting the school requesting it, checking the school website or sending them an email enquiry about it.

The school will give you the right information so you can know if the school is allowed or not.

Where is the school located?

The environment in which the school you want to send your child matters.

Check the environment where the school is located to see if the school is safe enough to allow your boy to use Mary Jane’s shoes.

Some areas will not be good for your boy to wear shoes like Mary Jane because of bullies and other environmental factors that will influence your decision.

Is your boy willing to wear one?

Even if you want to see your little boy wearing Mary Jane shoes you must first ask your boy if he wants to wear them first.

If your boy is willing to wear Mary Jane shoes then you are good to go and if not, you should let him be. 

As parents, it is good to allow your child to make some decisions if the decision is not going to affect him.

Can he be comfortable in them?

Comfortability is one of the most important aspects you should concentrate on to give your boy.

If the boy is comfortable with the shoe it will make him happy and if it is not, it will make him sad which should be avoided at all.

If your boy is not comfortable, you should get him shoes that he will be comfortable in.

Are they comfortable in the long run?

The next checklist to tick off is to see if the Mary Jane shoes you want your little boy to wear are comfortable in the long run. Can your boy wear Mary Jane shoes for more than one year happily?

If he can then you are making the right choice that will be beneficial to him.


Mary Jane shoes are allowed in most schools for both little boys and girls because of their simplicity, quality design, appropriateness, uniformity and comfort it gives to the students.

In many instances, both little boys and girls can wear Mary Jane shoes to school and it is the most appropriate thing to do.




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