Can you wear Mary Janes to a wedding? (EXPLAINED!)


Shoes are an important part of our lives and play a significant role in how other people view and rate our fashion and significance.

Wearing the wrong type of shoes for a wedding can easily damage your fashion sense and reputation even if you don’t know it. 

This article will take a deep dive to explore if you can wear a Mary Janes to a wedding or if they are fashion blunders that you need to avoid.


Can you wear Mary Janes to a wedding?

Whether you are just a wedding guest or the bride, wearing a Mary Jane of your choice during the event will not only make you appear fashionable but will also enhance your worth in the eyes of the people who attend the wedding. 

Mary Jane shoes are so stylish and creative that they have some that are specifically designed for wedding events.

When you choose to wear Mary Janes to a wedding, many people will appreciate your unique fashion sense especially if you choose to wear a very good Mary Jane that will enhance your beauty.

Bride or wedding guest?

To answer your questions effectively, we decided to divide the answer to both the bride and the wedding guest to cover all angles comprehensively.

As a bride.

Mary Jane shoes have a variety of exquisite options that you can choose from to help you appear fashionable on the best day of your life.

Marriage for most people is a lifetime event which needs to be as memorable as possible for years.

You will be perfectly okay with stylish Mary Jane shoes that will complement your wedding dress, make up and style.

You will also remember the day when you are going through your wedding albums and your grandkids will know that their granny is a fashion geek when she was in her prime. 

Although Mary Jane shoes are expensive particularly for weddings, buying one for that day will never be a bad choice to make.

For wedding guests.

Appearing in reliable and spectacular Mary Jane shoes will make you the envy of all eyes particularly if the shoe complements your dress and skin perfectly. 

After all, most people have an eye for detail and when they see one that piqued their interest, they will appreciate and respect you more than they will have done in normal circumstances.

Why you should wear Mary Jane to a wedding.

There are some important reasons why you should wear Mary Janes to a wedding.

These reasons are so apt that you will not be able to resist the idea behind them. They are;

  • Unique style.
  • Few users.
  • Creating comfort.
  • You can use it for long hours straight.
  • Easy to navigate among the crowd. 
  • Easily fits into any style.
  • Make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Ability to dance with the shoes on.

Unique style.

Wearing Mary Janes to a wedding will give you a unique style that is different from most of the people attending the event.

The ability to have a unique style always triumphs over following a particular fashion trend blindly just because people are going towards that direction. 

By wearing Mary Jane shoes, your uniqueness will help in elevating your status and prestige among the wedding guests even if they are in their hundreds.

Few users.

Do you want to appear like everyone else or do you want to be different in a positive way?

By using a Mary Jane, the likelihood of finding other people coming with the same type of shoes is drastically reduced.

The lesser the number of people with the same type of fashion, the higher the chances for you to be recognised honoured and appreciated.

Creating comfort.

Some people wear shoes that end up creating more discomfort for them than what they can get from the prestige and custom it gives them in return.

Wearing Mary Jane shoes is a guaranteed way of ensuring your absolute comfort even when other people are not feeling the same.

You can use it for long hours straight.

Wedding events usually take several hours before they can be over.

From the wedding vows to the preparation, logistics, lunch or dinner in some cases as well as other wedding-related activities that take most of the time.

You need to rely on a comfortable shoe that can make you withstand all this hard work and a busy schedule throughout the day without adding additional problems to your life.

Easy to navigate among the crowd.

Wearing a Mary Janes to a wedding will also help you in making seamless navigation from one place to another among the attendees in absolute comfort.

Easily fits into any style.

Did you know that Mary Jane’s shoes can easily fit into almost any style that you can think of today?

Wearing Mary Jane shoes can be the surest way of making your style fits perfectly for a wedding event.

Ability to dance with the shoes on.

Another good thing with the Mary Jane shoes is the ability to dance with the shoes on without any problem.

We all know that people dance and make merry during happy events like weddings, parties and Christmas. What better shoe to help you dance if not a Mary Jane?

Well balanced, simple, stylish, reliable and above all comfortable for all its users.

Who will notice when you wear Mary Jane to a wedding?

Wearing Mary Janes to a wedding can get you noticed, but the question is by who?

The following are the most likely set of people that will be recognised you wearing Mary Jane shoes;

  • Rich people.
  • Fashion enthusiasts.
  • Career women.
  • Models.
  • Actors and actresses.
  • Mary Jane loyal fans.
  • Curious people.
  • Teenagers.

And many more.

Are they appropriate for a wedding?

Mary Jane shoes are appropriate for a wedding whether as a wedding guest or as a bride because they will make you appear more prominent, stylish, classy and beautiful.


You can wear Mary Jane shoes to a wedding and enjoy all the perks and activities of the way while maintaining your style, uniqueness, fashion, appearance, beauty and class without any hassle.

You can either wear the shoes as the bride or as a wedding guest and still rock them without any issue arising other than the nostalgic memories that you will remember several years after the event.



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