Are Mary Jane shoes Haram? (What islam say!)

Many Muslims have conflicted views about the permissibility of Mary Jane shoes in Islam which makes it hard for them to make the right choice in accordance with their religious beliefs. Are Mary Jane Shoes haram in Islam? 

This article specifically addressed this issue for Muslims and non-Muslims alike by carrying out painstaking research through Islamic laws and the views of many scholars just to answer your question. 

Are Mary Jane Shoes Haram? 

Mary Jane Shoes are not prohibited in Islam because the shoe brand did not violate any law as prescribed in all Islamic legal systems and injunctions across the world

Many Muslims are conflicted on the permissibility or otherwise of buying one for themselves or their family as a result of the near absence of a detailed explanation about the origin of Mary Jane Shoes from a historical point of view. 

As a Mother,  Sister or Husband, you can feel free to buy any Mary Jane shoe that you like because they are not haram unless they violate certain Islamic doctrines that we are going to discuss in this article. 


Why Mary Jane Shoes are not Haram? 

The following are some specific reasons why Mary Jane shoes are not included in Shoes that are Haram in Islamic religion.

  • It does not contradict any Islamic law.
  • It protects the feat against specks of dirt.
  • It is not super expensive (prohibits wasteful extravagance).
  • It is gender specific.
  • It is simple, classy and not revealing.
  • Islam encourages fashion,  modesty and hygiene.

It does not contradict any Islamic law.

Islamically, a Shoe can be considered Haram only if certain laws were breached from the Islamic ethical code of conduct known to all Muslims. 

Apart from the Islamic laws and the ruling of the committee of renowned Islamic scholars, all products are permissible in Islam to either buy,  own,  rent or use without any form of restriction to the user. 

It Protects the feat against specks of dirt and a filthy environment

Cleanliness is a very important component that Islam takes seriously. That is why before a Muslim can pray any of his five daily prayers, he or she is expected to purify himself by performing ablution which is cleaning the body with water to remove specks of dirt from the body, especially legs, hands,  mouth and face. 

Mary Jane’s shoes protect the feat from marching on specks of dirt which are despised in Islam. Islam wants all its followers to maintain a high degree of cleanliness of body, clothes and environment. By wearing Mary Jane shoes outside or even inside the house, your feet will remain clean and you avoid the filthy ground, mud and soil from your feat successfully.

It is not super expensive. 

Mary Jane Shoes are not super expensive for people to afford.

Islam despised any act of wastefulness and extravagance as shown by the lives and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. 

Any super expensive show is discouraged by Islam because it will lead to boastfulness and pride which the Muslims are asked not to engage in.

It is gender specific

Mary Jane’s shoes are not haram in Islam because they are gender specific.  The shoes are specifically designed for women and female children which is a clear distinction as to whom the shoes are made. 

This clearly shows that only the Female gender is allowed to wear it which is in clear agreement with how it should be. 

Meaning that Muslim boys and Men are not going to wear Mary Jane shoes because it is not meant for them but for their sisters,  wives and female children.

It is simple, classy and not revealing. 

Islam always encourages simplicity and the appearance of classy modest fashion in its followers at all times. Mary Jane Shoes are Halal in Islam because they are not too revealing or sexy in an offensive way but rather stylish and classy for anyone who happens to wear it. 

Are there shoes prohibited in Islam?

Some shoes are either outrightly prohibited in Islam or highly discouraged. Any Shoe that is too sexy, super expensive, specific to certain groups that are promoting immoral behaviour in society, or Shoes made with hides and skin of prohibited species and animals fall under these categories. 

However,  as explained to us by some prominent Islamic scholars, the majority of the prohibitions are not exclusive.

There are some exceptions to the general rule when it comes to Islamic rulings such as the environment, reason or what necessitate the action of the wearer or user

Types of Shoes prohibited in Islam

  1. Shoes made with gold and diamonds.
  2. Super expensive.
  3. Shoes made from prohibited animal skins.
  4. Men’s shoes for women.
  5. Shoes for homosexuals and LGBT.

1. Shoes made with gold and diamonds. 

In Islamic laws, any shoe that is made with gold and diamonds is prohibited according to the majority of Islamic scholars while to some scholars it is discouraged because it easily leads to pride, ego-boosting and the feeling of too much self-importance by the owner of such Shoes. 

Moreover,  owning such types of shoes costs thousands of dollars that can be used to reduce the suffering of those in dire need of help in society. 

A society where people have serious medical issues that will consume their entire lifesaving’s should prioritise helping people get out of their troubles.

2. Super-expensive shoes. 

Shoes that can cost a fortune either through expensive auction in bidding are prohibited because of the contradiction with the Islamic way of conducting a transaction. 

Islam encourages followers to go for something that is not super expensive or very cheap but something in between the two.

3. Shoes made from prohibited and expensive animal skin .

Eating some animals are prohibited by Islamic laws.  Such animals including Pig, Dog, and Hyena among others are not allowed. Therefore using their skin for Shoes is not allowed in Islam because it can lead to many activities that are not encouraging in Islam such as rearing them, eating their meat etcetera.

4. Men Shoes for Women.

Islam prohibits the use of Shoes specifically made for Men by Women.

Islam is very strict concerning gender issues which is why Men shoes should be used specifically for Men while that of Women should also be left to the Women’s gender alone. 

This is also the same case for Women’s shoes.  Men are not allowed to use shoes specifically designed for Women and should be specifically left for women to use and not at all for men gender.

5. Shoes for Homosexuals and LGBT. 

Any Shoe created that is specifically designed for Homosexuals and LGBT adherents is prohibited for Muslims to buy,  wear and use.

This is because,  their goals and ideals are a clear contradiction to what Islam stands for which is purity, morality and peace. 

Are Muslim boys allowed to wear Mary Jane shoes? 

Muslim boys are not allowed to wear Mary Jane shoes at all because they are female gender-specific which Islam is very clear about.  Muslim Boys can only wear shoes specifically made for the male gender while girls are allowed to wear shoes specifically made for them including the famous Mary Jane shoes. 

As a Muslim,  you are advised to stick to your religious beliefs and doctrines which are in agreement with the natural laws of the human race. 

Reasons why Boys are not allowed to wear Mary Jane shoes. 


  1. Wrong for boys to imitate or wear girls’ clothes. 
  2. It made them appear unnatural and against normal behaviour. 

1. Wrong for boys to imitate girls in anything. 


Boys are not allowed in Islam to imitate girls through either clothes,  shoes, makeup voice and behaviour because it will not only appear awkward but will not be suitable for them at all. 

2. It made the Boys appear unnatural and in contradiction with natural behaviour. 


How will you feel when your friend wears female clothes and came seat next to you in a park? 

It will make you feel awkward and uneasy and the feeling of something is off.  

Islam encourages people to be natural which improves modesty and good moral behaviour.  

Wearing Mary Jane shoes by Muslim boys will only make them appear unnatural and contradict general human conduct. 


Mary Jane Shoes are not haram for Muslims to buy,  wear and use if they meet the above sets of standards good for a Muslim as we explain above. 

Mary Jane Shoes like any other shoe are universal and gender-specific for women and children to use as school shoes, and for formal or casual wear without restriction of any kind. 

If as a Muslim you find a good Mary Jane shoe that tickled your fancy,  you can go ahead and buy it without any problem coming your way in terms of whether it is permissible in Islam or not. 



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