Can espadrilles be repaired? (Exposed!)

All of us in one way or another have had a situation where we need our shoe to be repaired when it has a problem. 

However, some shoes cannot be repaired and have to be discarded by the user. So the question many people are asking is simple, Can Espadrilles be repaired?

This articles article answered your question on repairing espadrilles and all you need to know on other relevant questions about the shoes.

Let’s go.

Can Espadrilles be repaired?

Espadrilles can be repaired like most other shoes either through a professional cobbler or by doing it yourself at home if you have the necessary experience to do so. 

However, repairing espadrille shoes involves certain skills one must have before he or she can be able to successfully do it most effectively and efficiently.

Repairing Espadrilles also is a little bit tricky when you compare the level of attention needed, the skills and the materials to be used in doing it due to the way and manner in which the shoes differ from most other footwear of similar built.

We are going to see how you can be able to repair your espadrille shoes either alone at home or with the expertise of a professional cobbler.

When should your espadrilles be repaired?

The most appropriate time for your Espadrille to be repaired is when you discover problems on the shoes like peeling off of some parts, a tear by the side of the shoe, glue no longer effective, threads loosening from their position or when you need to have an adjustment to the shoe.

Knowing the right time to repair your Espadrilles like any other shoe is crucial because it has the potential to make you a lot of money before the situation becomes damaged beyond your ability to repair it.

A stitch in time, as they say, saves nine.

The earlier you discover an issue that needs to be repaired on your shoe the better for you to have it addressed and save some money as a result.

Why you should repair espadrilles?

There are several reasons why you should repair your Espadrille shoes.

The reasons vary from individual to individual but below, we are going to discuss the most popular ones which consist of the following:

1. Economic factor.

One of the major reasons people repair their shoes instead of paying for a new one and discarding the old is economic factors. Shoes are expensive particularly good shoes that are in high demand by buyers. 

Instead of forking out your money to pay for a new shoe, it will make more sense economically if you can just repair the old one particularly if the old one is in a very good condition.

Spending $300 on another Espadrille shoes while all it can take is $15 to repair the old one many people will choose to go with the second option and save the $285 for other activities.

And sometimes your shoes will need repairs when the month is gone and affording a new pair will get you into debt then you shouldn’t go for it at all because it is a bad decision.

Love that particular shoe.

Have you ever wondered why some shoes, shirts or wristwatches are more dear to you than the rest even though others have higher prices and are considered more prestigious than the one you like?

Having a favourite Espadrilles can make you choose to repair it due to the emotional sentiment you have for the shoes.

I know a man who has more than 50 pairs of shoes but kept three separate ones as the most beloved to him even though they are not as expensive, looking or valuable as others.

Brand loyalty.

Another factor that can influence you to repair Espadrille shoes is if you have been an ardent customer of that particular brand that produces the espadrille shoe.

If you have different varieties of shoes and you discover the one produced by your favourite brand has some issues, you will find it easier to pay for the repairs than if the shoe is from another brand.

Difficulty in getting the same type.

Sometimes people repair their Espadrille shoes because they may likely not be able to get the same type easily in the market.

The best Espadrilles are usually found in Spain and Morocco, however, you can order any type of them and get them at your doorstep depending on the stock availability online.


Some people are financially conscious and prudent with how they spend money.

They usually calculate the pros and cons of buying a new pair or repairing the old one.

Most times they will end up choosing to repair their espadrilles instead of buying a new one for their personal use.


Did you know that some shoes make you comfortable more than others?

That’s the same for some people wearing Espadrille shoes around the world.

If you have a shoe that makes you comfortable all the time, you will find it easier to repair it when it has an issue than buying another pair even if you have all the money in the world.

Can a cobbler fix espadrilles?

A professional cobbler can easily fix any issue with your Espadrille shoes but will charge you fees based on the place level of expertise needed for the repairs.

However, it is important to point out that not all cobblers can fix your espadrilles for you.

Some have no experience of how to do it, and if you are not careful, someone will end up damaging your shoes for you in an attempt to repair them.

You need to go to a recommended cobbler or look for an established one and ask him if he can be able to do it.

If you found one that can do it, good for you and of not look elsewhere to get value for your money.

How to glue your espadrilles?

Applying glue to your espadrille can be both easy and a little bit tricky. Easy in the sense that if you know where to put the glue and the right amount needed then you will have no problem.

Meanwhile, if you are in doubt or don’t know how to apply the glue without damaging very expensive shoes, I say it will be very tricky and can result in issues of you damaging a shoe while trying to solve it.

Can you DIY your espadrilles?

You can effectively repair espadrilles by yourself without the need to involve a professional cobbler who may end up charging you more for work.

If the issue is nothing serious or you found that it is serious but you are capable of doing it then by all means do it yourself.

Can espadrilles be resolved?

Some Espadrilles can be resoled while others cannot due to certain issues that are very important to consider.

Any Espadrille that was produced using the loops of jute and other traditional espadrille materials can be resoled with the same type of material except in rare circumstances which can cost more than the pairs of a new one.

However, an Espadrille produced with a normal sole can be replaced even though it may be difficult due to the fabric materials that are usually used in the process.

The answer to that question is, that we recommended buying a new pair of Espadrille shoes rather than attempting to resoled an old one except in such instances where the materials used in making the shoes are not fabric and jute but leather, suede and other qualitative materials.

Who should resoled an espadrille?

Resoling an Espadrilles requires the services of a professional espadrille Cobbler with years of proven experience resulting in these types of shoes.

Do not give resoling to anyone who hasn’t accomplished it in the past.

You will have to check for those with the knowledge and pay even if the process is very important.

Is it expensive to repair an espadrilles?

Repairing a pair of espadrille depends on the type and extent of the repairs to be conducted.

If the issue is minor, the money you are going to be charged will be small compared to when the shoe needs a proper overhaul.

Therefore, repairing Espadrille is both cheap and expensive at the same time depending on the angle you are viewing it from.

Where to get a good cobbler for your espadrilles repairs?

Getting a good cobbler that can easily repair your espadrille is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

You have to check for repairers nearest to you and also ask other users for directions if you don’t know one.

However, sometimes luck may shine on you if the cobbler in your area can do the job perfectly.


Espadrilles can be repaired either by a professional cobbler or by yourself if you have experience repairing shoes in the last and depending on the extent of the area in the shoe that needs the repairs. However, the repairs sometimes will cost you a significant amount of money due to the scarcity of the professionals with capacity to do it. 

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