How to wash espadrilles (2 common MISTAKES to avoid!)

Washing espadrilles is a big issue for many people around the world. Due to the material and how the shoes are made, especially the traditional ones, people often wonder if it is possible or recommended for people to wash their own.
This article will explain the possibility of washing espadrilles and things you need to look out for before you do so.

How to wash espadrilles.

For traditional espadrille shoes,  washing them is not recommended unless you are very familiar with how to do it without damaging the shoes due to the material that was made in producing the shoes.
However,  for modern-style espadrilles,  you can easily wash them depending on how the shoes are made.
To wash modern espadrille shoes, you need to, first of all, look for the recommendation and guidance from the manufacturer.

This is to prevent problems that may arise if it is not done properly.

Follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s website or the label you find in the carton of the shoes.

This is because espadrilles are categorised into different components which can not be explained adequately in one article.

Can you wash espadrilles with a washing machine?

Yes,  you can wash some espadrilles in a washing machine especially if they are the current modern type that has no jute sole.

An espadrille made from fabric is suitable for washing in a washing machine while an espadrille that is made with suede or leather can not be washed in a washing machine.

Therefore,  the answer to the above questions depends on the type of espadrilles you want to wash.

If it is leather,  suede or synthetic leather,

it is wrong to wash them in a washing machine to prevent them from getting damaged.

Advantages of washing espadrilles

There are several advantages of washing your espadrilles, The major ones are the following ;

Getting rid of specks of dirt.

Washing your pair of espadrilles will help in the removal of specks of dirt and any other unwanted materials from the shoe.
In the process of walking with the shoe, there is a likelihood of picking up some specks of dirt along the way or the accumulation of specks of dust which need to be removed from the shoe.

Making it more appealing.

Another advantage of washing your espadrilles is making them more appealing to the eyes of people.

Clean, washed and well-maintained shoes will always be better, appealing and loved by people more than dirty-looking and poorly maintained ones.

Improving hygiene.

Washing your Espadrilles is also a way of improving your overall personal hygiene and maintaining good habits capable of improving your well-being, reputation among people and self-esteem.

People are more likely to respect and respond to you while wearing clean Espadrilles than when you come to them with a dirty unkempt one.

Increase durability.

Washing the pair of espadrilles is a means of extending the lifespan of the shoes if you do it properly.
Since most people want shoes that can last a long while, washing espadrilles will significantly help in increasing their lifespan which will make you spend less on shoes and derive value for the money used in purchasing them in the first place.

Getting rid of the smell.

Washing your espadrilles the recommended way is a means of expelling any unwanted smell that may be caused as a result of either dirt,  sweat from your feet or water getting to the shoes without allowing them to dry properly.

When a shoe smells,  it makes both the owner and the person sitting near him or her uncomfortable if they find themselves commuting to a destination and will affect their happiness, and air intake quality and reduce the respect for the individual wearing those shoes.

Disadvantages of washing espadrilles


Disintegration of not carefully done.

Washing an espadrilles is more tricky and difficult than people assume it to be.

In the process of washing the shoes, one important problem is the issue of having them disintegrate as a result of either the water or scrubbing method of removing specks of dirt.

This experience is not only painful but financially distressing because you will be forced to buy another shoe that you didn’t set aside resources for at that moment.

Takes lots of effort.

Washing espadrilles takes lots of effort before it can be done, unlike other shoe types.

This always leads to losing important man hours that can be more effective if used to pursue some other pressing tasks that need attention.

Not drying faster.

If washing espadrilles aim to wear them to a function or take a walk after they become dry,  you may be in for a surprise because they take a long time time to properly dry.

Because you can’t dry them under direct sunlight if you want to maintain their integrity and overall quality,  you will have to put them under a shade which will take more time to dry properly.

Colours fade in some cases.

Another disadvantage of washing espadrilles is the fact that while washing or after washing it a few times,  some areas of the shoes will start fading more than others which will make the shoes no longer attractive to the owner.

How to wash fabric espadrilles

Washing fabric espadrilles requires using either a soft brush, a clean sponge or a towel and shoe cleaning gel that will be used as well as clean water for rinsing afterwards.

Fabric espadrilles don’t have much problem maintaining how they look, identifying where to look for specks of dirt or putting them in areas needed for them to dry properly.

How to wash suede or leather espadrilles

It is recommended that you don’t wash a suede espadrille the same way you wash fabric ones because the method of doing them is not the same.

You either use a piece of standard equipment for doing so or restrict yourself to either cleaning and applying polish to them.

When is the right time to wash espadrilles

The right time to wash your espadrilles is when they are dirty or smelling.

You can also set a specific period for routinely washing them even when they are not dirty or smelling to have a standard of adequate maintenance.

What to use in washing espadrilles

The things you need in washing your espadrilles depend largely on the type you want to wash.

For a Suede or leather espadrille the requirement is different from what you can use on a fabric-based espadrille due to differences in their material composition and what each needs to get the job done.

However,  the most common things you require consist of the following;  gel or recommended detergent, soft brush, towel, polishing materials, clips and water.

How do you clean a sweaty espadrilles

To clean a sweaty espadrille,  you take the shoes,  dab a clean towel in water and scrub the areas where sweat is visible.

After thoroughly cleaning them, apply shoe-related perfume to get rid of the smell after putting them out to dry under a shed.

Can you soak espadrilles?

Do not soak your espadrilles in water except in rare circumstances and depending on the type of espadrilles that you have.

Some espadrilles if subjected to water will disintegrate faster than. When they are not.


Understanding how to wash espadrilles is essential in maintaining the ambience of the shoe, protecting it from disintegration, ensuring hygienic conditions and helping to get rid of specks of dirt and unwanted materials.

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