Why you should buy used shoes? (REVEALED!)

Shoes are one of the necessities of life that the entire world relies upon. However, shoes are become expensive in the past few years leading to difficulty when buying. 

This article explained why you should buy shoes and several benefits that many people are not aware of. used

Why you should buy used shoes?

The most important reasons why you should buy a used shoe are to save cost in this era of high inflation and economic uncertainty, get rare shoes that have been discontinued and not available in the market as well and help safeguard the environment against the effects of fast fashion.

Moreover, buying a used shoe will help in increasing the lifespan of a shoe, get value for the money you spend, avoid the smell of a new one as well as get a comfortable cheap alternative that will elevate your sense of fashion and overall appearance.

It Although many people still do not understand the importance of buying a used shoe, the number of people doing so is increasing by more than 26% according to a recent survey we conducted.

To save cost.

When you are operating on a budget and want to have a good shoe that will not destabilize your financial well-being, you should try getting a used shoe instead of a brand new one that can cost you six to ten times higher in the market.

By getting a used shoe at a reasonable price with its quality intact, you will end up saving some significant amount of money that can be channelled into something meaningful that will be of benefit.

To get rare masterpieces not available in the market.

If you love getting things that are rare like wristwatches and shoes, then you should check out the market selling used shoes because you can be lucky to get rare masterpiece shoes in good quality that you can’t find in any store selling brand new shoes.

Can you get a good leather shoe manufactured in the 1930s available in a shopping mall? I highly doubt it.

But you can get one or even be lucky to find one older than that and in perfect condition or with a minimal need for repairs and re-touches.

Getting Such extraordinary shoes is one of the most important reasons why even rich people nowadays frequently buy from the used shoe market to discover these types of gems.

To get a bargain.

A used shoe can be sold for a fraction of its actual worth in the market even if it has been used only a few times and looks like a brand new one.

Sometimes people buy shoes that they end up not using at all and they can get rid of them by either donating or reselling to recover some part of the money they spent in buying them.

This makes it incredibly worthy of your attention to ensure you get a low price for an extremely good shoe do your choice.

To collect and keep as an investment.

Just like people are keeping arts as an investment and a hedge against rising inflation, people are turning to shoes in the same manner.

Recently, the shoes worn by Apple founder were auctioned at more than half a million Dollars while those used by Kobe Bryant and Elon Musk were sold extremely high to shoe art collectors.

By buying a used shoe, you may likely stumble upon a shoe that can be auctioned for a large sum of money in the future.

To get comfortable shoes.

Comfortability is the crux of why people buy either shoes, clothes, cars or houses.

A brand new shoe comes with some challenges that are not welcome by many people especially breaking it into fit for the very first time.

In other to avoid the slight discomfort in dealing with a new shoe, many choose to look alternatively into buying a used one in good condition that gives them less stress.

You should also benefit from such if only you can short your attention towards buying a used shoe.

To save the environment from fast fashion.

Are you concerned about the dangers being posed by fast fashion in our environment where people buy shoes and clothes that they don’t have and end up disposing of them which they are taking into landfills?

If your answer is yes, then consider buying your shoes from a used market which will help in minimising the number of shoes destined for landfills especially if the number of people patronising such markets keeps increasing.

To avoid the smell of a new one.

Some people avoid buying new shoes because of the peculiar smell it comes with.

To some, this smell is irritating their lives and will always try to avoid it.

In light of that problem, they resort to buying an already used shoe to avoid the smell associated with a brand new shoe.

To get value for money.

New good shoes are expensive today, whether Mary Jane, Loafers, Sneakers, espadrilles or even ballet shoes that have a short life span.

To minimise the cost associated with buying shoes, patronising the used shoe market will help you get value for the money spent because, unlike the new shoes, this segment allows the flexibility and choice of picking a good shoe at a very low price.

To get first-hand quality.

The quality of some shoes decreases when production is ramped up or when the makers are looking for ways to save costs after staying in the market for a while.

This means that a brand-new shoe produced at the beginning of a shoe company’s production tends to be more qualitative than the one produced after years in the market.

To avoid this problem, buying a used shoe will guarantee you too notch quality that isn’t available at the market today.


Buying used shoes will not only save you time of money, but it will also guarantee you access to rare shoes made of quality materials at a cheap rate as well as save you the hurdles of smells found in new shoes as well as the decreasing quality we are witnessing daily. 


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