Do ballerinas get free ballet and pointe shoes? (REVEALED!)

Both normal ballet and pointe shoes are expensive to purchase if one wants to use them and are quick to wear out and force a ballerina to change them after a few sessions or days. 

Although they come in different colours and are made with different materials that we see every day, the question on the lips of many people is whether ballerinas get free ballet and pointe shoes or have to purchase them with their money.

Are you willing to learn and enjoy? This article answers your question (Do ballerinas get free ballet and pointe shoes?) and provides you with additional information on the whole process of how ballet shoes are obtained.

Do ballerinas get free ballet and pointe shoes?

Generally, in the ballet industry, a professional ballerina gets free shoes for both training and performance in several pairs without having to pay a dime from a single or several sources which are are going to examine below.

However, before we take a look at some of the factors and examine them, you need to understand that there is a difference between a professional ballerina on a team and a ballerina who takes it only as a hobby or who has no team where she belongs to.

A ballerina who takes it as a personal hobby training at home without joining a team or taking it as a career path will have to either pay for her ballet shoes using her resources or look for other means which are limited in comparison with the opportunities a professional ballet dancer has.

Let us dive into it and see the different factors to consider:

Professional ballet company

A professional ballet company or team in most cases are the one in charge of buying and supplying all the ballet shoes needed by all the ballerinas on their team and also in ensuring that the shoes are always available and of a good standard in terms of quality and comfort.

This is done in other to give ballerinas the maximum chance of performing excellently and to take away the financial burden that will negatively impact and affect their comfort and performance.

Ballet organisations in New York, London, Sydney and many other places usually procure the service of good ballet shoe manufacturers who will supply their ballerinas with the right type of shoes that will meet the needs of each ballet dancer on the team.

Therefore a ballet dancer with a professional ballet organisation will always get all her shoes free.

Ballet shoes allowance

Some ballet teams have a standard policy of giving their ballet dancers allowances that will cover the expenses that have to do with their ballet shoes adequately.

This is because each ballerina has a specific need when it comes to her shoes and is in a better position to get the one that will suit and her perform perfectly.

Moreover, the need to customize the shoes, sew them with ribbons, and break them in among others makes the ballet team management directly pay the ballet dancers allowances that will help them get a ballet shoe of their choice and customise it based on need.


Another means through which ballet dancers get free ballet shoes is through the activities of some non-profit organizations dedicated to either dance, ballet or sports which usually purchase the shoes in large quantities and supply them to ballet squads, organizations and individuals who have no financial means of buying them due to costs and other financial constraints involved.

To help ballerinas from underserved communities, regions or those from poor backgrounds and give them the chance to succeed in their ballet aspirations, some non-profit organizations will buy and supply them the shoes without the ballerinas spending a dime from their pockets.

Through fundraisers.

Find raisers is another means through which ballerinas get free ballet shoes for their use most of the time.

At the end of a ballet season or the beginning of another one, ballet teams will raise and solicit support and donations from corporate individuals, wealthy individuals as well and ballet supporters to help them in running the ballet activities buying them the needed ballet shoes happen to be one of the major area of concern.

From families

Families of ballet dancers also help them in giving the resources for the purchase of ballet shoes especially if the ballerina is a child or a beginner without a professional team backing her up.

Because of the expensive nature of ballet shoes, the families of the ballerina will contribute money to purchase some pairs for their family members.

From friends.

Another aspect through which ballet dancers get free ballet shoes is through the help of their friends who from time to time contribute their little resources to buy some pairs of ballet shoes for their friend in other to support her ambition and help her in actualising her ballet dreams.

From ballets themselves in rare cases

Sometimes ballerinas have no chance of getting a free ballet shoe because of the lack of a team, serving as a beginner or lack of family support.

A ballet dancer has no other option than buying the shoes herself using her hard-earned resources through savings or money generated as a result of services rendered.


Yes, ballet dancers get free shoes from either a professional ballet company, a non-profit, through fundraisers, or allowances to buy, from families, friends or ballet dancers themselves in rare cases.


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