is it okay to buy used shoes? (5 secrets REVEALED!)

Good Shoes are naturally expensive nowadays and buying new pairs usually requires certain budget readjustment and reflections before a decision to finally purchase is made.

However, many people are shifting their focus towards buying used shoes to reduce cost and people are curious to know the answer to their question.

“is it okay to buy used shoes”? This article answers your question and provides you with real-life examples to guide your decision.

is it okay to buy used shoes?

It is very ok to buy used shoes for your personal use, family or for reselling if the shoes are in good condition, properly maintained and budget-friendly.

Contrary to what many believed, used shoes are ok to use and comfortable for both your pocket and feet, especially when you are operating on a low budget.

With the recent rise in selling and purchasing of used shoes, the global trajectory is only going to become much higher than it is.

Let’s look at some reasons why buying used shoes is better than you think.


10 Reasons why buying used shoes is OK.

  • Save money.
  • Good condition.
  • Penny for dollar.
  • Cheap alternative.
  • Finding rare or discontinued shoes.
  • Easy chance to customize.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Broken in already.
  • Comfy.

Save money.

Buying a used shoe helps you to save some money that can be channeled to do other activities shows as purchasing a used one of similar quality with a slight or no visible difference between them.

Since we are in an era where inflation is rising amidst slow economic growth, buying used shoes will help you navigate financial challenges as well as help you save and pay for other important necessities that will help your family.

Good condition.

Most of the shoes are worn a few times or well-maintained by their previous owners, which makes it an excellent investment.

Because the shoes are in good condition, when you buy one it will last you for a very long time and the difference between the brand new and used shoes in good condition is minimal.

Cheap alternative.

Have you checked the prices of your favourite shoes on the market? If you do, I bet you are concerned about the high prices like I do.

So what is the alternative for us is to look for less expensive brands that our budget can afford even if it is not our favourite brands.

However, you and I can still get our favourite brand if we decide to look alternatively into the used shoe category.

This category is the best if you know how to navigate through it and negotiate for a good price.

Finding rare or discontinued shoes.

Some shoes a very rare to find and many others have long been discontinued by their manufacturers because of various reasons.

Moreover, you can visit many shops, browse through hundreds of catalogues and still fail to find the shoe you are looking for because it is rare, super expensive for buyers or discontinued by the brand making them.

However, if you encounter the above problem, I have a place where you can get your desired shoes easily, through buying used shoes in the market and at a cheaper price.

Easy chance to customize.

Buying a used shoe gives you the ability to customize the shoe according to your satisfaction, which is highly unlikely with a brand-new shoe like Mary Jane, and Espadrilles among others, but for ballet shoes it is easy and possible.

So if you are a person who likes customizing his shoes, I guarantee looking into the used shoes categories will help you achieve your needs.


Used shoes are as cheap as your budget can affords.

Used shoes are good for all of us, but if you are on a tighter budget, I recommend checking out used shoes categories for your next pair of shoes.

Easy to use.

Another factor that will help clear your doubt about used shoes is how easy they are to use compared to brand-new ones.

For used shoes, the requirement is only to pick one of your choice, buy, pay and wear it instantly.

Unlike in standard brand new shoes which require personal preference, picking the right one, paying for it and then realising that it is very difficult to use is quite Broken in already.

Still, looking for the positive angle of used shoes?

Don’t worry at all, used shoes are good because the awkward situation of breaking in the shoes is no longer there because another person has taken care of it already.

Get your used shoes and put them on instantly, unlike the man with the brand-new shoes that will require a certain break before working properly.


Used shoes are extremely comfortable to use. They are usually well-balanced and can hold for a reasonable number of years of working.

What are the problems of buying used shoes.

  • Less healthy.
  • Fear of the unknown.
  • Used by a stranger.
  • Sometimes costly.
  • Fungus.
  • No warranty coverage.
  • May have faults.
  • Some need repairs.

Less hygienic.

Many people believe that a used shoe is not hygienic enough to buy.

Because people want to maintain a good standard in their cycle, they detest used shoes.

Fear of the unknown

Many people are already sceptical about what they will encounter at that particular place.

From another perspective, their fear is reasonable.

Used by a stranger.

Can you use a brush that a stranger uses to brush your teeth? If not, why are you hell-bent on wearing the shoes of a person you will never know?

The above statement is the argument for people who don’t want to buy used shoes.

But just because the shoes are used by someone you don’t know doesn’t mean that they are not good.

Sometimes costly.

Users’ shoes sometimes are very expensive, especially if you are buying a rare one or one that commands high demand with relatively low supply.

For instance, we have seen a situation in which a used shoe cost more than a brand-new one because of the quality of the earlier ones being better than the new ones in the market.


Many people are afraid that they can get fungus or some other disease from using a used shoe which is not through because when you buy one you have to clean it with Lysol or other cleaning agent before you can use it.

Moreover, fungus doesn’t stay alive for days in a dry shoe and most of the used shoes on sale are a few weeks without use.

No warranty coverage.

Another drawback to buying used shoes is the lack of either a warranty or a 30-day take-back option when the shoe doesn’t satisfy you, as most sellers have.

For a used shoe, these options are very limited, especially if you buy one from individuals instead of well-known marketplaces that accept returns easily.

May have faults.

Some used shoes do come with faults which you may or may not be aware of.

If you are buying used shoes, it is highly recommended that you inspect their condition to avoid disappointment later.

Some need repairs.

Nobody wants to do repairs on their shoes, homes or cars, but sometimes we are forced to do that for maintenance.

The same thing applies to buying used shoes in the market.

Some used shoes will require immediate repairs from a professional cobbler before you can comfortably use them.

Similarly, these repairs can range from a few dollars to significant ones, depending on the severity of the problem to be fixed.

For that reason, some people avoid buying used shoes at all so as not to throw all these hassles.

Is it okay to buy used shoes online?

Yes, it is good for you to buy used shoes online because of several benefits you can get from doing that and there are reliable sites to purchase used shoes from which guarantee you quality, affordability, variety and satisfaction.

Also when you buy used shoes online, you have the added advantage of returning them if the shoe doesn’t fit you or when you discover some anomalies that have been stated.

Ten places to buy used shoes.


  • Etsy.
  • eBay.
  • Zappos.
  • Alibaba.
  • Poshmark.
  • StockX.
  • Global sources.
  • GOAT.
  • Mercari.
  • Sidelineswap

Can you get fungus from used shoes?

Be at ease, you can’t get fungus by buying and using such types of shoes.

Although some people may have that problem with their shoes, you should be aware that fungus stays alive in moist situations and can easily die when the shoes are dry.

Most used shoes on sale spend between one to 14 weeks in the market and no fungus can survive such a long time beside the ability to use protective measures such as Lysol will adequately take care of your fears.

Is it okay for toddlers to wear used shoes?


When used shoes are washed, dried and well maintained she they are bought, it is fine for toddlers to use them without any fear of something happening to them.

The parent buying the shoe is the one who should ensure that the shoes are in very good condition and capable of ensuring the comfort, ease and safety of their child.

Moreover, children used shoes are not only safe but also cheaper compared to those of adults.

Perception of people about used shoes.

The perception of people about buying and using used shoes will always differ according to three categories.

Supporters on the one hand see nothing wrong with buying used shoes and actively engage in it.

Critics on the other hand oppose it for several reasons and stay away from it.

Neutral category of people who are neither in support of it nor opposed to it at all.

We believed that each one is entitled to his opinion and if buying suits you get it without hesitation.

Additionally, in such situations just as in politics, buying or not buying a used shoe is a subjective issue with diverse outlooks.

For us at Fashiontrendsgeek, buying used shoes is not only economically wise, but it helps save the environment by reducing the number of shoes destined for landfills.

So buy one today!


It is okay to buy used shoes for your personal use or to donate them to the less privileged and several benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

When you buy used shoes you have a chance to enjoy all the following: save money, good condition, penny for dollar, cheap alternative, finding rare or discontinued shoes, easy chance to customize, budget-friendly, easy to use, broken in already, comfy.

So if you are to receive our valuable advice, explore the used shoe market and buy one for yourself.

You will be happy with that decision in the long run.

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