How to get money from old shoes (12 STRATEGIES that works!)

Do you have old shoes that you want to get rid of and still benefit from? This article explained in detail the strategies for getting money from old shoes that you will find interesting.

How to get money from old shoes


You can get money from old shoes using a variety of methods such as reselling to interested people, recycling them, making art out of them for the right people, and selling some parts along with others. 

Out of the many factors that can help in answering your question, you will realise that instead of throwing your old shoes into the trashcan, you can easily make a living out of those types of shoes.

However, the questions remained unanswered until now and we will give detailed information regarding such important questions.

Below are some of the basic reasons explaining how you can get money easily from old shoes.

  • Selling them whole.
  • Selling parts.
  • Recycling
  • Repurposing.
  • Refurbishing
  • Turning them to arts.
  • Keeping them as antiquities.
  • If rare saving them for future auction.
  • Using the pictures in sites.
  • Getting Payment for evacuating them. Example landfills.
  • Shredding them by a machine.
  • Packing them and shipping for reselling (if any)

 Selling them whole.

One of the most important and highly regarded means of getting money from your old shoes is to sell the shoes as a whole.

Many have come to realise that the old shoes in their closet can be exchanged for either money or with another shoe of their choice if you decide. 

You can also check online to see how many people are either buying or selling their used shoes.

Selling parts.

You can also get some money by selling parts of the shoes especially if that part is demanded by lots of people in the market.

Some parts are very hard to get the exact composition, colour and other necessary conditions capable of helping one get them. 

When you sell part of a shoe, you not only raise the bar and achieve your goal of getting money from old shoes.


Another means of getting money from old shoes is to sell the shoes to recycling plant owners.

However, the money is not that much depending on your commitment and the volume of the shoes you are bringing for them.

The small amount of money you get from recycled shoes will go a long way in helping you with financial difficulty.


You can also get money from old shoes by refurbishing them for other people, or yourself.

Refurbishing your old shoe will make the shoe last stronger, help you move faster and suit your clothes very well as well.

You should try to refurbish them in other to benefit from it even if your shoes are Mary Jane, Ballet shoes, Espadrilles or a pair of the latest sneakers.

Turning them to arts.

Arts is as diverse as it is beautiful and sometimes it can be sold for a large amount of money.

If you have creativity and a basic knowledge of arts, you can turn your old shoes into art and design some that will appeal to people.

Turning your old shoes into art will make you money in three different ways.

Firstly you can design your art and people will come and buy it from you to be put in their house.

Secondly, you can make your old shoes into art and have people pay to watch it either in a studio, showing room or in an exhibition.

Thirdly, you can create content about it and teach people how to do it via a YouTube channel or based on a subscription model where you get paid for it.

Keeping them as antiquities.

You can also keep your old shoes as antiques and who knows how much it is going to be worth in the future.

However, due to fast fashion nowadays, the shoes that you can keep as antiques are those produced way back and used by a family member you shared a historical relationship with.

A leather or patented shoes that you can’t get in malls nowadays.

If the shoes are rare, save them for future auction.

Auction is another way through which you can get money from old shoes.

However, the old shoes that can be worth some high amount during the auction are those used by sportsmen, rich people, politicians or inventors and they must have a significant meaning attached to them.

For instance, a Shoe worn by Apple founder and by other prominent people has been auctioned costing more than half a million dollars.

Although getting shoes like that is not easy, it is doable with consistency and knowledge of things in auction works.

Using the pictures in sites.

Another method of getting money from your old shoes is if you are very creative with taking pictures and videos either on your phone or with a good camera.

There are several sites online where you can submit your pictures and when people pick any to use for their blog, video, newspaper article, research paper or a commercial adverts you get notified and said a certain percentage for every time your picture is used by others.

Sites such as Stock Pictures, and Deposit among others many others have this method.

In that aspect, if your old shoe pictures become popular, you are guaranteed income coming to you from time to time.

Getting Payment for evacuating them. Example landfills.

You can also make money from old shoes if companies or private individuals pay you some money to properly dispose of the old shoes that they have.

There are several means to dispose of these shoes such as in approved landfills or by incinerating them and they can be used to generate electricity also. Smart right?

However, this one requires high investment.

Shredding them using a machine.

Shredding your old shoes into tiny pieces can also help in generating you money especially if you are a professional who is paid to do it.

Some shoes need to be shredded before they can be reused for other purposes and you can help people with that if you have the equipment and they will gladly pay for your services.

Packing them and shipping them for reselling.

Have you considered taking those old shoes and giving them to those who will be able to use them abroad?

Some shoes that are old for you may not necessarily be to other people and they can used it effectively for a long time.

If you can sell them to them at a beat-down prices which will allow them to repair and salvage them through improvisation.


You can also repurpose your old shoes for something else and get paid if it turns out to be something meaningful that people are interested in.

The bottom line from all we are trying to point out to you in this article is that you can make money from your old shoes in different ways which can help in decluttering your space, getting extra cash and the freedom to do good from the comfort of your home.

You can take their pictures and sell, repurpose them, recycle them, sell them at low prices, make art from them or auction them for you to make money even if it is not that significant.



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