What are Mary Jane shoes made of? (Exposed)

Mary Jane shoes are among the world’s most reliable shoes for students, workers as well as other categories of people looking for classy, stylish, affordable and long-lasting shoes. 

Despite its popularity and reputation across the global footwear industry, majority of people wearing it have no clue of the materials it is made up of.

This article will dive deep into Mary Jane footwear manufacturing and explain to you all the materials that the shoe consists of so that you can get them if you want to create your own using the DIY method.

What are Mary Jane shoes made of? 


Mary Jane shoes are made up of several unique materials which consists of leather either synthetic or original, textile, cotton, suede, recycled materials like water bottles, and threads and strap, outer sole and glue in other to make it from scratch to a finished product ready to use. 

Materials used in making Mary Jane shoes can come in different shapes, sizes, quality, aesthetics and colours as a result of our own diverse bias, preferences, prices and current fashion trends.

You must first gather all the materials before you will begin the process of making your own Mary Jane shoes or you will have to outsource the process to a qualified professional cobbler so that the right measurement, contour, and shape of your feet will reflect when the shoe is made.

Moreover, all the companies making Mary Jane shoes use the materials mentioned above in their shoe-making process and all have proven to be good, reliable and at the right price.

Materials used for Mary Jane shoes



Leather is a material extracted from either tanning or chemical treatment of animal skins and hides to prevent it from decomposing or decaying and leads to the production of important quality objects such as shoes, clothes, furniture, bags and many other products useful to us.

The most common leathers come from cattle, sheep, goats, equine animals, buffalo, pigs and hogs, and aquatic animals such as seals and alligators.

This are one of the most important material for making Mary Jane shoes globally and it comes in different grades with a price hierarchy. 

There is also a patent leather which is less in quality, price and durability than the actual leather but glossy, shiny from the outside giving you the classy appearance.

Synthetic leather.

Synthetic leather as it is popularly called, is a material created to serve as a substitute for leather in footwear, clothing, upholstery and other artificial leather materials in demand across the globe. 

It is also vital for other uses where a leather-like finish is desired but the actual material cost is very high or unsuitable or for ethical concerns.

Artificial leather comes under the guise of many names, including leatherette, imitation leather, faux leather, vegan leather, PU leather (polyurethane) and pleather.


Is another fabric that has been used in the manufacturing of Mary Jane shoes for more than 50 years.

It is so easy to use, reliable to manipulate and change according to the wishes of the manufacturer as well as easy on the feet of the user and simple to wash when it’s dirty.

However, despite all the advantages and the simplicity it gives both to the maker and the user, it has some certain drawback that makes people sceptical about it.

This is how easy it is to get wet due to the cotton upper part even if synthetic leather is used.


Cotton is also another material used in the production of Mary Jane shoes. The soft farm produce helps in making Mary Jane shoes more sophisticated, soft and classy.


The suede is made from the underside of the animal skin, which is softer and more pliable than the outer skin layer, though not as durable as the actual leather.

Mary Jane shoes made from Suede are comfortable, pliable and catchy to the eyes making you fashionable.

Recycled materials.

Recycling, recovery and reprocessing of waste materials for use in new products is a sustainable way of producing Mary Jane shoes

The basic phases in recycling are the collection of waste materials, their processing or manufacture into new products, and the purchase of those products, which may then themselves be recycled.

Mary Jane shoes made from recycled materials include Mary Jane Vegan shoes which are one of the most sought after shoes improving the environment and changing fashion trends.

Other durable materials.

There are other materials used in the production of Mary Jane shoes that make the shoes popular, fashionable and affordable for lovers of Mary Jane shoes across the world.

Where to find materials for making Mary Jane shoes?

You can find Mary Jane materials in online stores such as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba.

However, you have to check malls in the tour area to find out if they have the specific material you are looking for especially if you want to make your Mary Jane shoes using DIY methods.

Moreover, you can get quality and affordable materials if you make enquiries from professional cobblers and other shoe producers.

Can you DIY Mary Jane shoes?

If you want to make your own Mary Jane shoes at home, the best place to look for them is video clips of other people doing it on YouTube.

If the style aligns with what you want for your shoe, you can follow the step-by-step guide to make your work easy and to get rid of errors.

To make your Mary Jane shoes at home, you need the following material:

  • Clean and polished upper.
  • Adjustable strap.
  • Closure.
  • Quality insole.
  • Materials for heel design.

Clean and polished upper

You must first ensure that the material you want to use for the upper part of your Mary Jane shoes is clean and in perfect condition. It can be pure leather, synthetic, cotton, textile, or material from recycled objects.

Adjustable strap.

You must also get an adjustable strap which will be used in the process of wearing the shoe to keep it in place on your feet and prevent slippage or for easy taking off of the shoe when the need arises.

Since adjustable straps come in different colours, shapes and sizes, it will be most appropriate You can get one that will be perfect for the design you want to create.


The closure for Mary Jane shoes is very important. You can either cut it into the piece you want or get an already-made design for the shoe.

Quality insole.

To make Mary Jane shoes, you need to have a good and durable Mary Jane insole that can not disintegrate in a short while or under slight pressure.

You can make the insole from a quality material or you can buy one to simplify the process.

Material for heel design.

To design the heel you want in Mary Jane shoes, you need to get the right materials.

However, most of the materials for the heel are already produced by others for you to buy or you can alternatively create your own from scratch.


Mary Jane shoes are made up of several materials and products that help in making them fashionable, durable and a delight to the user.

If you want to make your own Mary Jane, you must know the type of design you want and choose one of the many available materials that will make it a reality.



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