Do mary jane shoes run small or big? (6 FACTS you should know)

Getting the perfect size for your shoes is the dream of any shoe owner who ordered them for his or her personal use, or the use of a loved one. 

However, it always leaves a bitter taste in our mouths and a sense of disappointment when the shoe we like so much ends up getting bigger or smaller than our actual sizes. 

This article will analyze the possibility of Mary Jane shoes getting big or small for the person who bought them after using them a few times. 

Do Mary Jane shoes get big or small?

Mary Jane shoes runs a bit bigger than the actual size according to the majority of the users in a poll we conducted which also reflects previous reviews by Mary Jane users across major shopping centres globally. 

For a shoe like Mary Jane to run big, there must be some important reasons that will help shade more light to their customers which will help either in providing an overall solution to the issue or help in reducing the tension it may have generated. 

Mary Jane shoes run big as a result of some factors which are not universal. Some brands making Mary Jane shoes have succeeded in tackling the issues while others haven’t. 

This, however, can be attributed to the vision of the brands, their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction as well as the desire to maintain their prestige. 

Why do they run big? 

The reason why Mary Jane shoes run big can be classified into four major factors which consist of the following: 

Diversity of people’s feet.  

Naturally, each one of us has a unique feature that separates us from one another both physically and mentally. 

One of the major physical differences is our feet which differ from one individual to another in terms of shape, contour, width, size and many others. 

As a result of these differences, manufacturers find it rather very difficult to come up with a perfect shoe size that can fit the yearning of people all around the world.

An individual wearing shoes size 7 may find another with the same size 7 but entirely different from him. 

A size 7 shoe that can fit you might not fit another individual wearing the same size due to the mentioned natural differences. 

Materials used in making the shoe. 

Another reason why Mary Jane shoes run big has to do with the materials used in producing the shoes themselves. 

Some materials are more likely to stretch and expand than others. 

Mary Jane shoes are known for using both leather suede and cotton in making shoes that can be stretched to a certain degree. 

Leather is naturally expandable if you subject to certain activities which is a major reason why Mary Jane shoes run bigger than normal size. 

Manufacturers dilemma. 

Sometimes the reason why your Mary Jane shoes run big is from the manufacturers themselves and not from the materials used in making the shoe in the first place. 

A manufacturer considers many things before going ahead to produce a certain number of shoes that will end up in its stores, footwear shops and inside thousands of American closets. 

Producing the perfect size for the intended market is always a very difficult project because no manufacturer will like to make products that have little or no market at all. 

Other factors.

Other factors that may lead to your shoe running bigger than the actual size include exposure to sunlight, washing them in a washing machine others. 

How to prevent your Mary Jane shoes from running big? 

One of the following methods can help prevent your shoes from getting and will give you all the leverage you need to keep your Mary Jane shoes in perfect condition. 

  • Get a thinner insole. 
  • Buy your own one size smaller than what you need. 
  • Don’t wear thick socks. 
  • Avoid drying them under direct sunlight. 
  • Frequent use is not encouraged. 
  • Don’t dry them in a washing machine. 

Get a thinner insole.  

To prevent your Mary Jane shoes from getting bigger, you should try and get a thinner insole that will help in creating more space in the shoe which will in turn give your feet perfect condition that requires no stretching at all. 

The major reason shoes run big is when they are tight on a person’s feet which will force it to expand in other to accommodate the feet which can be solved by simply removing the thick insole from the Mary Jane and replacing it with a light one. 

Buy your own one size smaller than what you need. 

Since we all agree that Mary Jane shoes do run big, the solution to this is to buy one size smaller than what you need. This will ensure that when the shoe expands and runs big, it will become your perfect size. 

For example, instead of you to buy size 7 which is your actual size, buy size 6 and when it runs big it will stay at size 7. Perfect for you. 

Don’t wear thick socks. 

Wearing thick socks with Mary Jane shoes helps in making them expand due to the pressure on the shoes.

To prevent your shoes from running big, avoid wearing them with thick socks that will make your feet tight in the shoes.

Get thinner socks or don’t use socks at all with your Mary Janes, After all,  the reliability of Mary Janes shoes is top-notch. 

Avoid drying them under direct sunlight. 

Drying Mary Jane shoes after they get wet or after you wash them under direct sunlight is not recommended. Depending on the materials used in producing the shoe such as recycled bottles like Mary Jane vegan shoes, you may end up either helping the shoe to run big or to be completely destroyed. 

Frequent use is not encouraged. 

Mary Jane shoes that are used on a daily basis will wear and tear rapidly faster than the others that have been used sparsely. 

Wearing Mary Jane shoes daily or for long periods will make it run bigger than their actual size.

This is the case with many types of shoes around the world even if they are school shoes

Avoid using one Mary Jane shoes all the time, get other shoes to supplement it or buy more of them because they are still in style and can be used with several types of clothes. 

Don’t dry them in a washing machine. 

Even if you wash your Mary Jane shoes in a washing machine,  you should abstain from drying them there except if you want them to either disintegrate, shrink or run bigger than usual. 


Mary Jane shoes do run bigger than the actual size you buy them from which will not be a problem if you know means of avoiding it which consists of the following tips, getting a thinner insole,  buying your own one size smaller than what you need, avoid wearing thick socks, avoid drying them under direct sunlight, abstain from frequent use of the shoes and not drying them in a washing machine. 



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