Are ballet shoes elastic? (6 things you should KNOW!)

Ballet shoes are adorable especially when you see ballerinas wearing one during training or performance on stage. 

The question many people ask many times remains the same, Are ballet shoes elastic?

To deep dive into the question, this article will answer your question using the most user-friendly means.

 Are ballet shoes elastic? 

Ballet shoes are elastic in nature, due to the type of materials they are made up of and the need to help a ballerina in carrying out excellent ballet performance comfortably. 

The elastic nature of ballet shoes is a deliberate effort to help fit a ballerina with minimal effort, maintain her feet very well as well and provide an avenue of breathing space that will enhance the safety and well-being of the person wearing it.

To understand more about the elasticity of ballet shoes, let us look at the reasons why they are made so in the first place.

Reasons why ballet shoes are elastic?

The following are the major reasons why ballet shoes are elastic in nature:

  • Material.
  • The need of a ballerina.


The material used in the production of ballet shoes is the major reason why the shoe appears to be elastic to accommodate the feet of a ballerina.

By making the shoe elastic, a ballet dancer will have more opportunities to be flexible without the fear of shoes slipping out of her feet and disrupting her performance or even leading to situations that can cause injuries.

The materials that are used in the process of making ballet shoes consist of satin, or materials that are flexible in nature which helps to ascentuate the mould of a ballerina’s feet perfectly and stick to it like a second skin.

This also helps in making the graceful lines of a ballerina more prominent and makes her legs appear more slender for a wonderful performance.

The need of the ballerina.

Most ballet shoes are customised based on the personal needs of a ballerina which differs from one individual to another.

Ballet dancing is a highly specialised sector that has certain peculiar needs and processes that help it deliver the right results all the time.

Based on the need of a ballet dancer, elastic ballet shoes can be produced to suit her feet and meet her own demands with out affecting the same for other ballerinas within the team.

How to stretch elastic ballet shoes?

To stretch a ballet shoe, you need to buy your actual size or one size less than what you need so that when you wear it, it will slowly get used to the mould of your feet and help you get the perfect ballet shoes you need even though ballet shoes have a very short lifecycle

Why do ballet shoes come with elastic?

Ballet shoes come with elastic to help ballerinas get a better feel of their feet and be able to use maximum flexibility when performing a ballet move without their shoe restricting their movements or forcing them to be uncomfortable.

What type of ballet shoes can be stretched?

There are two types of ballet shoes that can be stretched and modified by a ballerina.

  • Normal ballet shoes.
  • Ballet pointe shoes.

Normal ballet shoes.

Some normal ballet shoes can be stretched to suit the needs of a ballet dancer but in a moderate way because ballet shoes are made from cheap materials that are quick to disintegrate and become useless.

Ballet pointe shoes

Ballet pointe shoes on the other hand are for some specific set of performance that is more specialised and require more diligence and expertise from an experienced ballerina before it can be successfully carried out.

When not to stretch a ballet shoe.

The most appropriate time not to stretch your ballet shoes is when the shoes fit you perfectly or when the shoe is way smaller than your size. 

This is to prevent you from either damaging the shoe while trying to fit your foot into it or to prevent you from causing injuries to yourself.

You must not stretch your ballet shoes if the shoe size is smaller for you but you can request for another one or exchange it with another ballerina that her feet can accommodate perfectly.


Ballet shoes are elastic when you look for one that will suit your feet perfectly.

Getting a good elastic ballet shoe is quite expensive and they get damaged very quickly compared to other ballet shoes.


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